Saturday, December 26, 2020

Knight of Glory


FREQUENCY: Very rare
INTELLIGENCE: High to Supra (14-20)
ARMOR CLASS: 0 (full plate armor)
HIT DICE: 9 (10-sided dice)
THAC0: 11
DAMAGE/ATTACK: by weapon +3 (typically two-handed bastard sword +3)
SPECIAL DEFENSES: +1 weapons or better to hit
SIZE: M (5’ tall)
MORALE: Unbreakable
XP VALUE: 7,000

The Knights of Glory are a never-deployed weapon of the imperial elven navy; these knights were once elves who excelled at swordsmanship and tactics when they were alive. In a ceremony devoted to Corellon Larethian and attended by a clave of high-level priests, fully five hundred of these elves gave their lives to infuse their spirits into chitinous armor grown from elvish subject-insects.

They are now the shining beacons of Corellon Larethian: unstoppable knights-errant who need no food, rest, or air and who can be brought out of time storage for important missions or to serve as a powerful spine of elite troops in any action. By now it is likely there are thousands of Knights of Glory.

Among the navy, the Knights are not widely known to be undead, but rather are thought of as part of a secretive knightly order that serves the navy directly. Those who have fought alongside them never know they are anything other than fully-clad elves unless a stray blow knocks off a helm, revealing the emptiness beneath, or a ballista bolt holes the armor and the Knight continues to fight.

Once per day, a Knight of Glory may produce a sunray as per the 7th level priest spell.

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