Fiction Friday Index

The Muskets and Magecraft Stories

Dark Virginia, 1623
A Taste of Vengeance, 1629


The Blackwell Hall Collection (by Ms. Emily Bracken)



Robart of Hazelby Tales

These stories stem from the setting of Erden, which is where a currently un-published novel of mine takes place. It is also the setting of my ongoing Hârn games. Erden is a very low-magic and gritty medieval world undergoing a time of religious crisis as its great faiths grapple for dominance: the Old Pagans of the West, the Amberfolk of the South, the schismatic Faith in the East, and other lesser faiths struggle for supremacy.
Chapter Three: Sorrow's Harvest
Chapter Four: John Corn
Chapter Five: They Came to Conquer
Chapter Six: A Time of Greater Darkness
Chapter Seven: The Hour of the Dog
Chapter Eight: Wolfsblood

10th Age Tales

Border Wars—A tale of violence and battle in the 10th Age.

The Battle of Crestley—A tenth age tale of ships and valor off the southern shore.

The Storm Breaks—A story of the imperial escurae and the elvish pirates in the year 504.

Beyond the Hedge, part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5, and part 6—The story of Barley Hedgeman and his adventures before he became a porter for a 10th Age adventuring party

Historical Fiction

Le Dieu Perdu—Love, hate, and Paris in the 17th century

Bury This Letter Deep
—A tale of revenge set during the Continental Army's winter at Valley Forge

Le Sergent
—In which Sergent Hubert receives a new commander and his chronicle begins.

The Second Transformation of the Butterfly
—The story of Szprinca the bird-killer in the 19th century Pale of Settlement.

The Peddler and the Swine
 and Part Two
—An incomplete 12th century story about Schweinfurt featuring whiffs of paganism and mystery

I, Giancarlo

The Hired Blade, part 1 and part 2—The duelist Giancarlo in Romania amongst the Romani

The Masque of Faith—A Giancarlo story about the famous duelist and his fight in Rome

The Mirrors of Chelyabinsk—A young man is sent on his first commission to Chelyabinsk and discovers a dark secret of cold Siberia.

The Pillars of Hercules—Another Giancarlo tale, about his duel in the Straits of Gibraltar

The Siege—Giancarlo fights in the Turko-Venetian war!

Science Fiction

Cosmos—Transhumanism comes to the Frothing Mug.

The Reservation: part 1part 2, and part 3—A futurist tale about the eco-reservations, the City, and someone breeding illicit meats in the far future.

Going Home—A short short in honor of Ray Bradbury

Flashman and the Gods of Mars: part 1—ongoing, the continuation and finale of Flashman as mixed with the Space 1889 Setting

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