Monday, December 28, 2020

Arkwood Golem


FREQUENCY: Very rare
HIT DICE: 11 (50 hp)
THAC0: 9
SPECIAL ATTACKS: EntanglePlant Growth
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Regeneration 3/round
SIZE: L (7 1/2’ tall)
MORALE: Unbreakable
XP VALUE: 5,000

Arkwood Golems are a special creation of Seldarine clerics and Imperial Fleet mages; these living, growing beings are shaped carefully over fifty years from a standard aelundal tree. This requires a constant regimen of applied magic and special soil to prepare the tree for the grafting of a positive energy elemental to it. This infusion grants the thing a sort of halting life, though the elemental is, like all elementals on the Prime Material Plane, in agony during its imprisonment within the wooden frame of the golem.

Unlike other golems, the Arkwood Golem is not immune to fire, but rather takes full damage from every die of magical fire. However, Arkwood Golems can regenerate from any non-fire damage, and may even be able to send out shoots and grow themselves back into full form from their ashes unless a dispel magic spell is used to break the elemental bindings.

Necromancy has no effect on Arkwood Golems, and they can in absorb the positive energy of any healing spell within 60’ of them, redirecting the effect to themselves. Further, they can cause plant matter to grow once per day as per the priest spell plant growth, and can cause vines, brush, and grass to halt enemies three times per day as per the priest spell entangle.


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