Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The Elvish Imperial Armada: a fascist empire

Contemplating the fascist Elven Imperial Armada today.


Gondrilspace, named for the Elvish Armada-Station Gondril which has been its permanent base of operations, was colonized by the Imperial Armada when it was discovered that its central planet, Highsun, was replete with mineral wealth and strong pinewood forests useful in ship construction. Highsun has served as one of a handful of sources of wood, silver, and mithril for the elvish imperial navy.
    Following the Unhuman Wars, Highsun was transformed into an elvish prison-world, and the mining and logging operations that supply the fleet in this part of the Known Spheres. Prisoners held here are divided into three groups: political prisoners from within the empire, criminals who have broken elvish law, and goblin-kin.
    Goblins, Scro, and other undesirables were deported to Highsun during the war as part of the elvish determination to completely expunge the Known Spheres of their kind. While other prisoners may serve a sentence in the mines and logging camps, the third class are never released and are worked until dead.
    The sphere boasts three suns - orbs of molten gold that hurtle erratically through the region. It is a critical nexus in the elvish cold war against the Neogi slavemasters, and serves as a resupply point for the imperial armada moving into Neogi spheres as well as a source of material to construct new ships from and repair old ones.
    The prisoner population of Highsun numbers around 1 million, while the officers of the fleet in the sphere are perhaps 1/10th or 1/5th that. The location of Gondrilspace is highly classified, and Fleet Admiral Emin Cadoc oversees it with absolute authority. He has his own branch of the Elvish Bench and Administration stationed on Gondril for hasty trials.
    Those prisoners who are particularly troublesome on the rocky surface of Highsun are sometimes dispatched in work-teams to the surface of one of the three suns under magical protection to harvest gold.


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