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The Days of the Week and the Pagan Gods

The Days of the Week
Tholsdey, Alsdey, Idey, Urzdey, Athdey, Tazdey, and Eidey (commonly known as Prophetsday). The days of the week are descended from the ancient drakeir "thrones," that is, the ancient drakeir star-signs of Thol (strife), Alcibed (law), Yx (sickness), Urz (generation), Ma'ath (fear), and Tazath (power).

Spyran Gods
Auspex – Chief of the Spyran Gods, Auspex was slain by his brother Ispater. His testicles became Morva, Goddess of Battles. In later Spyran sources, after the Kharassin gods were syncretized, Ba’at was said to have grown from one of Auspex’s testicles, and Morva from the other. Auspex’s wife, Avena, returned him to life.

Avena—Auspex’s wife, who came from a “far off land,” and joined the company of the Gods. The Goddess of love, healing, and fornication, Avena was never depicted as faithful to her powerful patron-husband.

Ispater—Auspex’s brother, lord of gold, minerals, and the cold earth. Also the gatekeeper of the Spyran World of the Dead.

Helos—Third brother of the great Trio, Helos was the sun-god. He rode in a blazing chariot and ruled over all the heavens. He was also the god of medicine, art, and laughter.

Selene—Helos’ sister-wife, Selene is the Goddess of the moon, of secrets, and of dark places. She was worshipped primarily by powerful noblewomen in the Old Dominion and is often associated with wine and mystery cults.

Morva – The Old Dominion Goddess of battles and the harvest. Known as the patron of both the Old Phalanxes and the Imperial Granaries, there are still some phalanxes in the 12th century that bear Morav’s emblem on their shields.

Hermos—Avena’s son, apparently born to her before her arrival in the Spyran islands, Hermos was the protector of magic and knowledge. His sign was an owl.

Euthos—The Messenger of Death and Music, Euthos served both Ispater and Helos as a harpist and as a psychopomp.

Skraeling Gods
Othas—Called the Skyfather, named Mortai by the Skathi, Urothi, and Wyranth-islanders, Othas is a mighty warlord who rules the heavens. He rides a chariot with iron wheels that spark the thunder and carries a mighty spear that never misses its target. He committed the primal incest with the Allmother which gave birth to the world.

Maska—The Seawife, Maska is Othas’ mate and the ruler of the great and mighty seaways. She is always appeased by Skraels before they begin a journey.

Inga—Inga is the keeper of the apples of the dead, which give the Skraeling gods their immortality. She is the patroness of fertility, farming, and horticulture, and also the wife of Bodis, the God of Poets.

Bodis—The Skraeling god of poets and poetry. He is very important in the Rimeland culture, and is said to be descended from the giants.

Gurdis and Shoral—Morta’s twin goats who pull his iron-wheeled wagon, Gurdis and Shoral are said to be powerful creatures in and of themselves.



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