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Locations of Interest in Craftsman's Reach: Aella's Hall

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Aella's Hall is a dwarven folk-hall that honeycombs the lone peak of Mount Sirune. The central region of the Reach is the princedom of the dwarf-prince Rognvald Thorfinnsson Coalteeth Eldrbrunn, and the Thessalian princes and lords of Kjellos and the Reach have no claim to it at all. This has been dwarven territory since the end of the Wars of High Sorcery, when Aella Eldrbrunn the Smith aided the Second Empire in destroying the sorcerer Mordent the Babbler on the very slopes of Sirune.

Aella's Hall is a major city, boasting no less than 40,000 dwarves. It is visible from a great distance, as the many-layered doors of the dwarven underhalls open out all over the mountain. Above-ground, the city falls down the mountain slopes in steep tiers, stone mansions, workshops, and temples cascading over its surface. The mountain's approaches are warded by monstrously large towers built into the stone--relics from the Stone Giant kingdoms of the First and Second Age.

The southern feet of the mountain shelter a deep valley, which is ringed in by a dwarven ringwall, and in that vale is grown most of the folk-hall's food. The outer city perches on the slopes overlooking the valley, and climbs up the mountains, protected by curtaining walls and fortifications.

Prince Rognvald. Following in the footsteps of the first hall-prince, Aella, Rognvald Eldrbrunn is first and foremost a craftsdwarf and only after that a ruler. The prince's palace within the mountain is said to contain no less than five forges and three furnaces for the smelting of metal and preparation of various crafts. Rognvald applies himself to the task of governing the way he applies himself to the forge: with a fierce dedication, and wielding a hammer. He is the hall-prince, and clan-prince of the Eldrbrunn clan.

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