Saturday, June 17, 2017

News of Arunia: The Mad Knight and the Transition of Power

Ho there, friend. It's now, what, the 3rd of Colding? Let me tell you the news, before yearsend. Away in the East, I've heard rumors that following the Emperor's brutal murder in the very Hall of the Throne, the mad knight Quintis the Betrayer and his band of brutes escaped the confines of their holdings in the imperial city. None now know where the bastards have gone, but the Regency Council has issued a reward for their capture.

Here in the Reach, things are looking a bit brighter since Greve Andrius of Tyreth took power weeks back. The Silvermining Guild of Stock has been assessed a mighty tax for the purpose of building walls and a tower out on Regar's Isle. The coming of the dragon Sazs has worried a lot of us folk here, but Greve Andrius assures us it's flown so high up in the Silverlode Mountains that the dwarves will kill it before e'er we see it again.

And lo, look at what the Greve does: sets up a new town at the Yssan Bridge, all composed of refugees and set to be named Stormbridge. Has his knights patrolling the borders along the Iceflow, and sent messages to and fro from Effningas.

The Swords of Stock are back, which is good news too, for they've departed for Regar's Isle to secure the old tower there that Lord Andrius can have a watch set on the Aelfwater. The elves are preparing for war with the dragons. They send knights to the Daleadau again, stemming the tide of flight. Hard Heath prepares to take a stand against giants, and the Raven's Banner and Company of the Chalice have determined to come home to Tyreth for new quests.

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