Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tales from the Loop: Rules for Monsterparts

Long ago, I wrote a setting (Kingshead) for a creepy-ass game called Monsterparts. Monsterparts rules were extremely vague and limited (though I realize now, looking through again, that D&D rules were meant to apply), but it has a lot in common with the brand-new (and great) Tales from the Loop. That is, they are both about children who can't turn to adults for assistance, and they both use a lot of the same base mechanics (Anchors in TftL, Good Places in Monsterparts, for example, and Iconic Items).

There is absolutely no reason not to cannibalize the TftL rules and adapt them for Monsterparts, allowing one to finally experience the ultimate horror of being a child in a horror-filled world where adults cannot, will not, and do not help you. Whereas TftL attempts to recreate 80s children-adventure movies and their attendant feelings (it's basically Stranger Things, the Roleplaying Game), Monsterparts is decidedly darker.

I hereby vow to use the rules from TftL to run Monsterparts... soon. I will report back.

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