Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Spells from the 10th Age: Raya's Rose

Raya's Rose -- level 2, priest spell
(Enchantment/Charm, Illusion)

Sphere: Charm
Range: 10 yds.
Duration: 1d4 rds.
Area of Effect: 60 ft. Radius
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 2
Save: Neg.

When a priest casts this spell, it creates an illusion of a gigantic, glowing rose, beautiful and filigreed. The rose slowly, over the course of 1d4 combat rounds (15-60 seconds) opens, revealing a beautiful figure within it's heart. This figure appears to be the epitome of form and beauty to all those who observe it, and the magic of the initial spell is such that those who look on the rose will be enchanted into watching the flower slowly unfold.

Enemies of the priest who are within 60 feet of the rose must save vs. spell, or they are mesmerized for the entire period of the rose's unfolding, plus an additional 1d4 rounds while they hallucinate and stare into its heart. Those who are mesmerized cannot act, except to gawk at the unearthly beauty of the thing before them—they cannot speak, cast spells, or use magic. Any mesmerized enemy who is attacked or otherwise takes damage is freed from the enchantment, though they may accidentally see it again and be enthralled anew: for each round they remain within the 60 foot radius, they must save again or be re-enchanted and fall still.

Any enemies with 4 levels or hit dice, or with a 16 Wisdom or higher, are immune to the effects of the spell.

The material component is a handful of rose petals.

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