Thursday, June 2, 2016

Birds of the Vales

Because Steve is trying to charm a bird with animal friendship and become a priest with a bird pet, here is an encounter list for birds living in the Vales.

For each hour spent waiting for birds with appropriate bait lain, roll on the chart 1d10 times.

Master Chart
1. Solitary Birds
2. Small songbirds (2d6)
3. Raptors
4. Gamebird
5. Strange Bird
6-10. Nothing

Solitary Birds
1. Vale magpie
2. Black-eared Wheatear
3. Atvian magpie
4. Stonethrush
5. Ring Ouzel
6. Atvian Jay
7. Atvian Oriole
8. Spotted Nutcracker
9. Spotted Jay
10. Red-black Shrike
11. Isabell's Shrike
12. Stone Chough

Small Songbirds
1. Atvian Wren
2. Cathadrian Lark
3. Citril Finch
4. West Wall Accentor
5. Shoe-toed Lark
6. Common Starling
7. Elvish Nuthatch
8. Atvian Reed-Warbler

1. Short-toed Snake Eagle
2. Bearded Vulture
3. Griffon Vulture
4. Tawny Owl
5. Atvian Sparrowhawk
6. Elvish Owl

Strange Birds
1. Atvian Curlew
2. Water Pipit
3. Wallcreeper
4. Cuckoo

1. Black-bellied Sandgrouse
2. Pin-tailed Sandgrouse
3. Chukar Partridge
4. Hazel Grouse


  1. Thanks! This table would have been a great addition to my Runequest campaigns, especially the one in Balazar focused on neolithic hunter-gathers. I mention it in my latest blog post.

    1. Excellent! I have recently returned to 7th Sea again, which has given me MUCH cause to scroll back through your blog posts.