Friday, August 14, 2015

Search Corporation

Search Corporation

UTS SRCH, Trading at J$80.45 (+0.03 from this morning)

PARENT CORP: Kartikeya Industries

Search was founded in 2091 by the merging of the ARCLAB and Bayo Stellar Instruments corporations under a Kartikeya umbrella. Search is a stellar mapping concern which owns a 12.59% stake in Ganymede where its headquarters are located. Partnering with IRR Construction Systems' Think-Hub on Europa, Search has been engaged in the mapping of long-distance stellar routes for nearly twenty-five years. 

Search is one of the most well-known corps employing freelance scientists, particularly those in the Outer System beyond all but the most nominal reach of the ASC. Reports indicate that Search has a number of contacts in the Titan Collective, regardless of the ASC's strenuous embargo against that anarch-syndicalist movement. Search citizenship is often granted to long-term contractors on the belief that freedom of movement in the Inner System data networks can assist in collation of data.

When the Long Journey (also called the Expedition) left the System, it was using Bayo data that Search now owns. Quantum Antennae onboard the Vago allows Search to remain in contact with the Long Journey throughout its entire mission as well as to update the Vago with new stellar telemetry. Search pays for almost any type of observations of distant stars.

In a more mundane sense, Search data is used to orient the LIFI highways in the Inner System and it is rumored that Search scientists are attempting to design a similar highway system for travel to the Outer System. Observational data gathered, confirmed, and transmitted by Search serves as the backbone for much navigation. Competing corporations like Datafi and Deimos Interplanetary Grid (DIG) have been steadily eating into Search's marketshare.

There is a dark rumor that Search also operates as a sort of spy operation. Persistent Net rumors hint that Search updates Kartikeya Corp's fleet twenty to thirty standard minutes before anyone else in the System. One is left to wonder whether Search would issue a data embargo on anyone openly at war with Kartikeya.

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