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Fees and Services in the 22nd Century

Thank you for choosing IntelliWeb Services. Fee listings begin following the buffer.

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These services may be purchased as licenses at character creation, in which case they are considered paid for permanently. Else, they must be refreshed at the beginning of each fiscal period (generally each quarter). All of the following prices represent individual seats. Corporate seats generally cost ten times the listed amount in Junkets [or +5 build points].

IntelliWeb and Foreign Relations (INTLI, J$12.05, +0.001)

A subscription to IntelliWeb runs J$1,000/quarter. It costs 5 build points at character creation. IntelliWeb is a Prime Three Corporation that operates under the radar of most major corps. Mechanical Turks often resort to IntelliWeb for lookups, as do certain branches of corporate espionage and sabotage. IntelliWeb provides analytical essays on most subjects, equivalent to the research produced by Titan University in scope, but geared toward an Intrasystem Security audience, detailing conflicts and potential weaknesses as well as detailed corporate information in the security sector.

IntelliWeb access can provide a bonus on knowledge rolls and information gathering rolls when dealing with specifically intersystem relations and security topics.

University of Titan (UOT, J$21.11, -0.07)

Access to the vast University of Titan archives is expensive; J$5,000/quarter or 15 build points. However, the U of T has a vast array of data at its command. A true research university, Titan provides fact sheets on every major corp, scientific advancement, historical event, legal case, etc. All knowledge-based rolls are made with a +5 bonus when using U of T information.

The University is a Prime Two corporation, hovering on the edge of being demoted down to Prime Three because of its current association with the anarchist activities on Titan.

PrimeCare (PCARE, J$500.08, +1.09)

PrimeCare is the most expensive and most well-known medical group in the system. A subscription costs J$50,000/quarter or 25 build points. PrimeCare operates a number of Turing-monitored hospitals, complete with Autosurgeons and top quality care facilities. PrimeCare subscriptions include implantation of a tracker chip to monitor the subscribee's life signs and vitals; if they register trouble, the subscribee is contacted immediately. Failure to connect results in a PrimeCare Recovery Team, dispatched immediately to bring the subject to the nearest medical facility.

PrimeCare is one of the only Prime One corporations that is not a subsidiary of any member of the Permanent Six. Most of its technology is rented from Auragen and Sol Telecomm.

Star Care (SCARE, J$102.00, +0.0001)

Star Care is a rung down from PrimeCare; a Prime Two corporation, Star Care covers most of the system when it comes to health. A subscription to Star Care costs J$9,000/quarter or 10 build points. Star Care charges for ambo dispatches and recovery teams at some pretty high rates, and subscriptions only cover basic procedures and non-electives.

NewsNet Live! (NNL, J$80.88, +2.50)

This news service is commonly paid for by whatever corporation grants citizenship. However, there are enough mercenaries, freeboters, and low-level partners of Prime Five corps out there in the system that it's possible this service will have to be purchased privately. Newsnet access costs J$200/quarter for an individual seat, J$1,000/quarter for a ten seat package, and J$15,000/quarter for a five hundred seat package. Enterprise-facing deals beyond that range must be worked out privately with NNL. A subscription costs 5 build points.

Sol Package (STC, J$10.20, +1.03)

The Sol Package is a service offered by Sol Telecomm for those without telecomm access. This J$150/quarter service provides wireless network access to the Sol routers and datastreams anywhere that wireless can be had. While this is unimportant in major settlements or highly settled planets where the corps absorb the cost of wireless, this can be a massive boon in space where there is no Meshwork to ride off of. This costs 2 build points.

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