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The Baronial Houses of the Heartland

Administration in the imperial heartland relies on the loyal baronial families that directly serve the emperor. The families are here enumerated.

The Baronies
Noble Family: The Sercel
Seat: Sercellus
Sign: Three shells argent on a field verde
Patriarch: Lord Domnus Sercel

The Sercel family is a relatively new one in the scheme of the Thyrnessan heartland. They rose to prominence during the time of King Aras, particularly in his service during the War of the Sword. Several of the young knights of one family perished to uphold the king's law; in gratitude, he knighted and elevated their father, the families' founder, Sercellin, to the rank of a Magnas and granted him the territory of Beaulan—the "good land" of the forest.

Noble Family: Dracus
Seat: Dragas Hill
Sign: Two green dragons intertwined on a field d'or
Matriarch: Lady Filia Dracus

A family with a pedigree more ancient than the Dracus cannot be found in the Heartland. They claim descent from an ancestral branch of the First Men and tell many tall (and likely unfoudned) tales about First and Second Empire ancestors who fought and slew dragons in the north or Synd. Whatever their stories may be, they do tend towards slightly duskier skin than other noble families of the heartland, and many of the Draconian children have amber eyes.

Noble Family: Averl
Seat: Aversford
Sign: A hart chief on a field argent, a chevron azure
Patriarch: Lord Morlanus Averl

The Averls of Aversford were minor knights in the time of King Aras. They distinguished themselves under Tamerin I by helping quell the outlaw rebellion of the Bandit Kings. Morlanus' father, Ephicus, was granted not only Aversford, but all of Colmir as his reward.

Noble Family: Ruber
Seat: Torne
Sign: A field gules
Patriarch: Lord Huthorus Ruber

The Ruber family can trace its line back to the time of Myrea the Witch-Queen when the red-bearded northern men who helped fight against her sailed into Miles. They have held Cordrais ever since, though their red beards have long since left them due to intermarriage in the heartland. However, many Rubers still have a few strands of red hair amongst their wild thickets of brown.

Huthorus Ruber is known as one of the mightiest drinkers in the province, and often goes toe to toe with Heimiran priests. Three of his doughty sons are captains in the mounted tagmata.

Noble Family: Solander
Seat: Solander
Sign: A sun in chief d'or on a field gules
Patriarch: Lord Calvus Solander

The Solanders have ruled Delac since before the Galoen kings took command of Thyrnesse. Their manor in Solander is as large as the homes of many counts, and they are one of the few heartland families not to support the emperor without reservation. The Solanders have no children in the civil service, nor in any knightly order. Calvus Solander rarely attends court in the city of Miles, and instead can be found administering justice over his people in Solander itself.

Noble Family: Mirandolus
Seat: Tor Mirandol
Sign: A tower argent on a field azure
Matriarch: Lady Tolana Mirandolus

The Mirandolus were castellans of Tor Mirandol until Aras Galoen elevated Sieur Vorgas of Mirandol to the position of baron. Since then, his family has held Gilmair as a joint-barony beneath the rule of the Duchy of Auruxol (since its re-creation under Darius Anarjent by Tamerin III) and the emperor's heartland. Tor Mirandol provides one of the essential bulwarks against the chaos of the Auruxol Mountains and orcish incursion into the heartland.

Noble Family: Melun
Seat: Melun
Sign: Two olive trees on a field azure
Patriarch: Lord Gerolus Melun

Noble Family: Beauclerc
Seat: Beauclerc
Sign: Three sun discs on a field verde
Patriarch: Lord Durus Beauclerc

Noble Family: Calamus
Seat: Calamyr
Sign: Three bundles of flax on a field azure
Patriarch: Lord Lambertus Calamus

Noble Family: Sejent
Seat: Tumilent
Sign: Five roses on a field d'or
Patriarch: Lord Mornus Sejent

Noble Family: Arcantis
Seat: Arcantor
Sign: Three rings d'or on a field verde
Patriarch: Lord Mellifleur Arcantis

The Arcantine family of Valmont maintains a single castellan at Castra Martellus (Sieur Ardel Martellus) for the purposes of controlling both the outlaws of the Noranian Forest and the dangers of the Mermarche Mountains. The Arcantines claim (though none are certain if the claim is true) to be descended from the wizardly servants of King Roland the Wise. Legend has it that Arcantor was granted to them in honor of their service to this goodly king, but the truth of the matter is lost to the mists of Thyrnessan history.

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