Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Telecanter's Campfires

Telecanter just recently made a post about campsites and making them feel more integral to D&D. I've been thinking about this idea, mulling it over. It helps that Ravencrowking posted about it the other day as well, getting me to jump back to it. Here's how I see it playing out in the Tenth Age:

Regular healing in the 10th Age looks like this:

Day of Complete Rest (in a bed, in a settlement): 1d4 hp recovered
Day of Traveling/Resting in the open: 1 hp recovered
Addition of a medicus: +1 hp recovered

The new proposed system would look like this:

Day of Complete Rest: 1d4+1.5 hp recovered
Medicus' Attentions: +1.5 hp recovered
Day of Resting in the Open: 1 hp recovered
      Presence of Fresh Food: +0.5 hp recovered
      Presence of a storyteller or musician: +0.5 hp recovered
      Presence of a campfire: +0.5 hp recovered

Half hitpoints are not recovered at all unless they equal a whole hitpoint.

Furthermore, Osvean priests (who are priests of the hearth) may bless each campfire to provide a CoP Evil 50' if they cast a bless spell on it when it is built. The Circle of Protection vanishes once the fire goes out for any reason.

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