Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Knights of the Pen and Paper

I've found myself absorbed in this game since it came out yesterday. It's fun! It's not great, it's not amazing, but it is fun. It plays like one of those nightmares fueled by 12 year olds and shoddy DMing, which can be extremely entertaining. The classes are interesting and work together well, the system for going on "adventures" is neat, and who can turn their nose up at some meta-gaming where you play the players of PCs and, sort of, the DM as well?

It's only $10 on steam, and it's published by Paradox which makes the inestimable Crusader Kings and CKII games (as well as Europa Univeraslis, Victoria, and Hearts of Iron, all of which are undeniably amazing). Go and get it, thou conqueror. Or don't, if the trailer offends thee. You know. I'm not committed one way or the other.

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