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The Forge Divine: Leaders, Heroes, and Lords

Lord Timaeus Battleborn, Grandmaster.
Timeaus Battleborn earned his knighthood as a young man, fighting in Thurol under the then-elderly King Magnus. He served as squire to the now-deceased Grandmaster, Sieur Severin Kjora, before becoming a full knight himself. He is said to have been first onto the walls at the Siege of Kamerak, and, more recently, to have killed three of the High Boyars of Ambar himself on the field.

Lord Timaeus is a peasant-born knight, slender but whip-hard. He has spent his life fighting, and when Kjellos was not at war, he quested under the banner of the order in foreign lands, adventuring and testing his mettle. There are rumors that he confronted and slew three Solothen sorcerers single-hand on his adventures, and that he hunted down a powerful mirrorkin assassin in Golnia.

Brown of hair, long of limb, thick of jaw, but slight of frame, Lord Timaeus carries himself as a common soldier. He does not wear the gold-sheathed armor afforded by his station, and he carries no ancestral weapon at his side, but rather the sword he forged himself when he was but a boy, which now bears the name Wrath.

Sieur Aras Gorr, Master of the Reach.
Sieur Aras is a lesser scion of the House of Gorr, and often wears his own heraldry of a bull's head upon his tabard, surmounting the gold and blue of the Order. He has served as Master of the Reach for ten years, and was squire to none other than Prince Aegus in his youth. Most of his accomplishments were had in the Reach, fighting hobgoblins, goblin, trolls, and other beasts beyond the Iceflow.

Sieura Livorna Velgar, Chapter Master.
Chapter Master at the fortress of Damaron Rock, Sieura Livorna is the daughter of Greve Lareus Velgar, a house united by favorable marriage with the House of Gorr. There was once a firm belief that Livorna and Aras would marry, but she has since been promoted out of the Reach and become Master of her own Chapterhouse in Kjellos.

Sieur Malvenus Tordest, Chapter Master.
Eighth son of the much-hated Greveman Konradus Tordest, Sieur Malvenus has completely cast aside family and politics to serve as a knight. He is often at the forefront of the kingdom's wars, leading a small contingent of men-at-arms and mercenaries on behalf of the King. He has a very close relationship with Prince Vagyr, the Prince having often been guest at Malvenus' Chapterhouse of Rol.

Sieur Haemorus of Green Water, Chapter Master.
Haemorus of Green Water is another knight elevated from the peasantry, and was recruited in the swamps south of Kjellos. He has proved himself time and again, particularly in his skill as an armorer and swordsmith. He is not well-known for his battle prowess. He serves as Chapter Master of the Fortress on the shores of Thol called Highblade Keep.

Magister Toban, Master of Novices.
The Master of all wizards serving the Order, Magister Toban has tangled with necromancers, demons, and other such horrors. Most recently, he helped slay the Boyar of Paroslav in a battle which took the life of Lord Severin Kjora, the former Chapter Grandmaster.

Sieura Primara of the Hammer, Knight-Master.

Sieur Heimron the Bold, Knight-Master.

Sieur Telegorn Goldenspur, Knight-Sergeant.

The Five, as they were known, were the bravest, boldest, and most battle-hardened of the knights in the Order. They set out in the spring of X.511 to Sunhome Keep, in the Bay of Ahrain, to reclaim it. Word has since returned that they are dead.

Sieur Morgas Arnmød
Third son of Grevan Kada Arnmød, Morgas is well-known in Kjellos for fighting ogres and trolls. A bold man, who outshone his elder brothers, Morgas slew Ubarish the Vile, a Night Troll Chieftain, in the bordering hills of the Reach, along the sea.

Sieura Ara Karhart
Cousin to Prince Aegus, Ara rejected the tutelage of a lady and pursued service to Haeron. She is daughter of Valyn Karhart, the King's now-dead elder brother. She was also called the Distaff Knight, and slew a manticore in Ambar in single combat, after her sword had shattered.

Sieur Ovirius Tornborg
First son of Lendman Olgriev of Tornborg, Orvirius cut his teeth fighting elf-reavers and serving aboard merchant vessels. He spent a great of his training and younger years in the elvish land of Valcaela, where he was awarded with magical armor by the elves.

Sieur Laedus the Laughing
A common-born Reacher, Laedus was physically enormous, and well-known for his propensity to treat everything as a jest. He jousted wyverns on the far side of the Silverlode Mountains, and destroyed many ghosts and spirits along the Lost Paths for the Gwyderion of Tailimisia.

Sieura Amelia Holmgrinn
Sister to the Greve Varius Holmgrinn, Sieura Amelia was raised on stories of glory. Also called the Deathshead, Sieura Amelia was a fierce opponent, and spent her days questing in the extreme south of the Sun Shores, where she fought alongside mercenary units to help quell the dangers of that wild land.

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