Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kings of Kjellos

King Valyn r. X285-X.319 was first, conquering in fire and sword. He took Formyndyna and Elborg both, completing his conquest in the year X.285, and raised the White Hart over Elborg city.

Under King Valyn, the other Reacher families were given the titles of the former lords of Tholnia, and those old lords were stripped of their lands one by one. Valyn is also known as Valyn the Sword.

Queen Alina r. X.319-X.355 was the daughter of King Valyn by Olevia of Ambar. She served as the first Lady Protector of the Reach during the life of her father, and made her own son Baldur Lord Protector in her day. She was known as a good queen. It was she who first called the newly-knit lands "Kjellos".

King Baldur r. X355-X.398, also called Baldur Bridge-builder, lived for a time at Mount Sirune with the dwarves, and made treaty with Tailimisia. He was a kindly lord, whose own commitment to peace and temperance saw the unfortunate destruction of the Forge Divine's hold on Sunhome Keep. In return for the failure to protect the Order from Ambar, King Baldur gave them a home in the Five Hamlets, for all time.

King Solyce, r. X398-X.415, also called Solyce the Slain, was Baldur's eldest son, who moved the capital from Formyndyna on the Bay to mighty Elborg. King Solyce was slain by his own advisors, who saw in this transference a great reduction in their own power.

King Lucas, r. X.415-X.459, father to King Magnus the White Hart and younger brother to King Solyce the Slain, revenged his brother on the regicides and waged a devastating civil war against those families who were responsible. Lucas also outlawed the hunting of stags, hart, and deer in the Peninsula.

King Magnus, r. X459-X.511, the current king of Kjellos. Spent his life subduing the vassal-states of Ambar so that, in his twilight years, he could launch an all-out attack on that kingdom. King Magnus claims Ambar through the ancient line of Olevia and Valyn; as a descendent of one of that kingdom's high nobles, Magnus has made claim to the very crown of Dorostchev.

King Magnus has four children:
Prince Aegus - Lord Protector of the Reach until X.511 when in that year, Prince Aegus abolished the position and ended the colonial status of the Reach, elevating a large number of local minor nobles and knights to be lords of the Reach, rather than permit the Reacher families who moved to Kjellos to be closer to the seat of power to retain their claims.

Prince Vagyr
Prince Solyce
Princess Aeva

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