Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Regional Kits: The Vales

Vale Farmer
Warrior Kit

Description: Young Valeland farmers seek out adventure at a higher rate than in any other land, probably because all Valelanders have freehold farms that are beholden to no lord. Generally, these young folk are the second or third children in their family, though it is possible for a first child to leave home behind. They are uniformly young and naive, having spent their upbringings on a rural homestead.

Weapon Proficiencies: The following weapons are available to Vale Farmers at creation: short bow, long bow, quarterstaff, club, sickle, flail, knife, dagger, spear, short sword, trident, net, billhook. After level one, they may learn any weapon they like. They cannot begin play with a weapon specialization, though they may pick one the next time they have a weapon proficiency to spend.

NWPs: Farmers get animal handling, farming, and cooking for free.

Equipment: Farmers begin play with two weapons of their choice, studded leather armor, and 1d4x10 Dorlish readers or Teralian hands to spend. They also begin play with two weeks of rations, two full wineskins, a bed roll, and a tent.

Special Benefits: Farm-born characters should determine the location of their family farm in the Vales. They can always receive food and lodging there unless they do something to break their connection with the family (or the farm is destroyed). They may inherit the family farm, but it is more likely that, upon gaining level 3, they will receive an audience with the Vale governor, granting them permission to found a farm of their own within the Vale.

Further, these solid salt-of-the-earth types are automatically more well-liked by other Valelanders. They will receive, at worst, a cagey welcome, and often quite a warm one unless they have gotten themselves an evil reputation. Most Valelanders will be willing to put up a party that includes a farmer for free or very little coin if the farmer does the negotiating.

Special Hinderances: Being hostile toward the very idea of nobility, farmers of the Vales have a reaction penalty when interacting with knights or nobles of any nation.

Races: Any. Primarily humans, halflings, and gnomes.

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