Thursday, May 19, 2016

Stellaris, Dark Souls, Exams

Gentilhommes et mesdames, the world has been too much in me these past few weeks. Between exams, starting my summer internship with the Public Defender in CT, and the release of Dark Souls III and Stellaris, I have not been able to bring myself to write a blog post.

Muskets and Magecraft continues to expand, and is now a quartet of works. Perhaps selfishly, I have chosen not to publish them here on the blog in the hope that they'll be picked up by a magazine and therefore reach a wider audience. There is now a high enough total wordcount that I could conceivably string them together as a sort-of novel.

There will be more posts to come, I promise.

If you like 4x games, buy Stellaris at once.

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