Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Craftsman's Reach: News of Brynhome

The Swords of Stock (in some places being called the Brythbrigr, which can be roughly translated as Reclaimers in Orthr) have hammered home their claim to old Rothrshal, which has been refounded and christened Brynhome in honor of the dwarven armorer-god who gave his blessing to the forces making the assault.

A combined army of men of the Order of the Forge Divine, dwarves marching out of Aella's Hall, and the Swords of Stock's personal company led a three-pronged assault on the captured dwarven hold, ending with a general route of the goblins dwelling within and a slaughter of the Eye Tyrant that occupied its highest level.

Urist of Brynjar, the leader of this ragtag assemblage of dwarves and men, has declared Bryjnhome a haven for all dwarves and smallfolk who would settle there. In the following weeks, those dwarves descended from the former colonists, led by Tavaldar of Oldhome, have flocked to the Bryjnhome banner and begun a thorough cleansing of the old hall.

Rumors persist of Prince Rognvald's involvement in the capture of the fortress: some say he extracted a pledge of fealty from Urist and the Brynjarites before the conquest, others that he has a dire oath that will be broken unless the Brythbrigri venture forth to complete it, and still others that he hopes they will open the Dwarf-Road running beneath the Silverlode Mountains and permit trade to flow directly to Tailimisia as it did in days of old.

There have been some sightings of dvergrinn on the old Deep Roads again, and whispers that they have heard of Rothrshal's recapture, and seek alliance at their deep citadel of Last Hall on the road to Waysend.

Only time will confirm which of these whispers out of the Reach is true.

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