Saturday, March 3, 2018

Sieur Ogmund, the Axe of the North

4th level fighter; S 12, D 7, C 17, I 13, W 10, CA 11; hp 45; #AT 1; THAC0 17; Dmg 1d8/1d10 (battle axe);  AC 2/4/6 (chain armor, kite shield, great helm); Languages: West Varan; AL LG

Gear: Sieur Ogmund wears dwarf-make chain and a kite shield fashioned with the anvil of the order as its boss. He carries a battle axe and an arming sword, preferring in almost all situations to use the axe.

Ogmund Holmgrinn, also known as the Axe of the North, is a lay member of the Order of the Forge Divine. He is 15 years old, born in X.497 in the Kjellan peninsula, fourth son of Greveman Varius Holmgrinn, one of the great lords of that land. He was assigned by the Order to serve as squire to Einar Skyborne, a paladin of the Order. He served in that capacity as a squire and paige to the Swords of Stock, an adventuring party based in the Tyreth region.

The Axe of the North is a quiet, steady knight, who does not lust after glory or seek great deeds, but has a personal storehouse of tales about the famed Einar Hallrson, and who has slain giants in his day. Still young, he is often mistaken as a callow youth, but is a proven warrior, capable of fighting ahorseback or in the battle line. He is known for his unshakeable courage, and if approached about that topic will often reply that nothing can be as terrifying as facing a frost giant for the first time: "The oily stink of their mail; the sight of their weapons; The things we fight today are merely men."

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