Monday, March 5, 2018

Saint Sidgwick of Wilderlund

Born to an elvish father and an Auregniac peasant mother, Sidgwick was a curly-haired half-elf raised as a child-oblate of the Heimiran house of Joy's Rest at the western edge of the Wilderlund. He was a bubbly, laughing child, and the older brothers knew that the grace of Heimir was upon him from a very early age.

Sidgwick displayed a number of minor miracles in his youth, once healing the leg of one of the house's dray-beasts, a donkey called Immanuelus by touch—a clear sign of divine favor. The beast followed him ever after, and became useless as a pack animal for the monastery, preferring to sit outside of Sidgwick's cell as the growing brother read deeply of the philosophy of the ancients.

When he reached his majority, Sidgwick spoke with Abbot Aleharding and they determined that the best course was for Sidgwick to put his inclinations into action. "You will never be able to spread so much happiness here, secluded in our retreat, as you will if you go out into the world." And so Sidgwick chose a destination, and a goal: the old abandoned monastic house of Monkshome, beyond the Aelfwater Lake, at the very fringes of civilized lands.

On his journey there, he met with the nascent Swords of Stock, then calling themselves Fenrus' Very Best, an adventuring company out of the little town of Stock in the shadow of Tyreth Castle. He traveled with them, testing his youthful exuberance against goblins, orcs, and other monstrous creatures. Sadly, his journey was cut short by his death, while exploring the Tomb of General Tullius Antoninus near at hand to Tyreth.

Sidgwick's passing has been mourned at Joy's Rest, and Abbot Aleharding ordered him canonized in the following year. The other nearby abbots agreed, and once the ruins of Monkshome were restored, they were consecrated in his honor.

Though his death is very recent, already shrines venerating him as a servant of Heimir can be found springing up in the north of Craftsman's Reach, where he brought joy and delight. Indeed, Monkshome has been rechristened Saint Sidgwick's, and has been preparing a brew based on Sidgwick's own, which is certain to become a regional favorite.

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