Saturday, July 15, 2017

Academics in the 10th Age

Apropos of the Academician kit that Arneth the Cautious, the party's new wizard is outfitted with, I am here collecting a number of academics from throughout the setting, as well as introducing a number of new ones. Part of the Academician's benefits include exchanging communication with other academics and sages and having access to a wide network of knowledge through them.

Very Famous Academics and their Fields
Ceylon the Thoughtful
Ceylon is a monk who dwells in the Heartland of the Empire, in a small abbey south of Miles. He is known for his meditations on theogony, Milean history, and ancient history in general. His most famous work is the History of the Heartland, followed closely by Theogony.

Cyon Greenmantle
A vanished scholar of halflings and the Greensward, Cyon Greenmantle was a wizard who once lived in the Lamp Country with his apprentice Aurelien. Several years ago, he left to find out what had become of the Conclave and its members... and was never seen again. Considered the foremost scholar on halflings and gnomes.

Drozon the Red
There is no scholar in Arunia as learned as Drozon the Red, one of the rulers of occupied Kallatha when it comes to the matter of Wyrmish histories, beliefs, and religion. Drozon is a scholar of dragons and has studied them in more detail than any man now living, although conversation with him can be difficult, as he is also a mighty and reclusive wizard.

Hamish Letterfriend
Another wizard. Hamish Letterfriend is a sage of one particular topic above all else: food. The history of and making of various foods are his pride and joy. A gnomish illusionist, Letterfriend was once a member of the now-vanished Conclave. He is also a scholar of illusions and general history.

Nauheryon the Recorder
An elf-scholar who resides in the Library of Sulcania in Aita Valmindene, Nauheryon is the foremost historian of elvish wars, including the Elf-Dragon Wars, the War of the Moon, and the Rot War.

Reynarius di Llun
You know this scoundrel; a Dorl who now spends his time behind enemy lines in Essad, Reynarius considers himself a Sage of Renown on all topics. He wrote several guides for adventurers early in his career.

Sarent de Vayens
A Milean historian, well-known for his histories of the First and Second empire.

Local Academics near or Within Craftsman's Reach
Ilisia the Sage
Ilisia is a historian who specializes in Elvish histories, but is well-versed in all history of the west. She resides in Aita Valmindene, and is frequently patronized by the royal court there.

Varius of Tyreth
Varius is a man who grew up in Tyreth under Prince Aegus, but left for the Library of Sulcania in Aita Valmindene. He is a religious scholar, studying comparative religions of the various races. This includes the mythology of monstrous folk, when he can get his hands on it.

Aurvangr the Aged
A dwarven scholar at Aella's Hall, Aurvangr is an ancient dwarf with no hair on his head and a long white beard. His knowledge is focused on the eddas, the law, and the hated enemies of the dwarves: giants, dragons, orcs, goblins, and other such races that have troubled his people since time immemorial.

Lastresis of Aellon
An Aellonian  scholar of the Art, Lastresis has come all the way west to study in Aita Valmindene amongst the elves. He is one of the wisest arcanologists, most witty historians, and a master of each of the fields of spellcraft. The elves consider him a prodigy.


  1. I really like these! Somehow, learning of specific sages and how to contact them feels more interesting. And easier to justify a good variety over the known world/empire than in even a big city. I also like waiting for a reply rather than directly approaching a sage. Gives the DM time to prep a response!

    I'm guessing from your comment on Reynarius that you've written some guides for your players. Are they on your blog?

    1. There are excerpts floating around the OP wiki that I built ages ago, but no complete guides (I don't think).

      He is also quoted on a lot of the pages, and some of the sourcebooks I've put together for different regions are written in his extremely pompous "voice".

      Glad you like the sages! I find interacting with sages to be some of the best times for PCs, because they're always eager to have a grounding for historical setting information, and it helps them remember who fought what war when if they've also been to a dead general's tomb and learned about it in preparation.

  2. ALSO thank you! I'm glad they're interesting. Although a lot of the stuff I post is taken from actual games I'm running and thus, is mostly used in them, I hope that people can grab what they like and use whatever they can at their own tables.