Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ballad of Scintillus Sulpicius Severus (composed by Vinhalaloen)

Verse 1
Have you heard of the Last Schoolman?
Yes, it's Schoolman Scintillus!
listen close, you folk of Varan
of that bloody blacklake baron

Look out! Vampire!
Sharpen stakes and polish mirrors
If to save those you hold dear-er
The valeguard marches chivalrous
on Suspicious Sulpicius Severus

Verse 2
Dont let tricks let you forget him
Yes, it's Schoolman Scintillus!
He's Lord Servillus, Schoolman Scintillus
Sulpicius Severus; he means to kill us


Verse 3
You know a corpse in need of burning?
Yes, it's Schoolman Scintillus!
hide your wife and hide your children
from that viscous voracious villain


Verse 4
There's a vampire worth destroying
Yes, it's Schoolman Scintillus!
Vale's protector,  to blacklake
In his heart, you plant your stake


Verse 5

A great sacrifice made to Akem, to fight a great evil
Yes, it's Schoolman Scintillus!
Three great bulls, bled and burned
Eastwick saw, and Blacklake learned


Verse 5
Let's send them off, to fight great danger
Yes it's Schoolman Scintillus
Off they go now, Valeguard ride,

We'll see you back with a vampire's hide

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