Saturday, June 10, 2017

News of Arunia: Order in the Reach

Lo! Prince Aegus Karhart, heir-apparent of Kjellos proper, has departed his seat in Tyreth Castle and shed his mantle as Lord Protector. Before his departure, he sent heralds through the north with a new decree, issued by his authority as the Lord Protector of the Reach. Through this decree, he has proclaimed that no lord may hold land in the reach who does not live on that land, and thus with a penstroke disenfranchised all the great families of Kjellos from their holdings in the north. With that decree, he has elevated stallir, alderfolk, and others to take the places of their absent lords.

The largest of these new holdings is the Grevedom of Tyreth, with its seat at Tyreth Castle, granted to the former stallir of Stock, now-Greveman Andrius, who has taken the name of Tyreth. All the lands within 25 rods of Tyreth have been made subject to this Greveman, making him the most powerful noble in the Reach. Aella's Hall has been recognized by the Prince and confirmed in its ancient freedoms, and now holds sway over all the lands around it under terms of a renewed treaty wit hthe dwarves.

As he marches south with an army, it is rumored that the Prince will use these men to enforce the new decree. He has most recently alighted in Formyndara, along the coast of the Bay of Ahrain. Even now he prepares to move toward Ambar and the royal army outside of Dorostchev, where he will meet with his father and inform him of the news -- and all the gathered noblemen of Kjellos, too, who will be told that they have lost the rights to their ancestral homes.

Know also that the Raven's Banner has been seen fighting giants in the north, beyond the Iceflow, in the foothills of Hard Heath. Other rumors, surrounding the Swords of Stock, claim they slew ten of the frost giants hiding in a cave near Effningas, and then another ten trolls by the shores of the Aelfwater.

None now know how the war will unfold in the south, but it is likely the dwarves at Effningas will agree to a treaty of friendship and protection, to watch the Iceflow and serve Greveman Andrius.

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