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Elborg, Capital of Kjellos

Note: This entry is still being adjusted.

Population: ~80,000
Government: King Magnus Karhart
Militia: King Magnus' knights

The city of Elborg is the oldest continuously settled population center in Kjellos, having once served as the imperial outpost for the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th Legions of the First and Second Empire. The royal castle overlooking the Bay of Ells bears testament to this: its central structures are all imperial-style architecture; three of its towers and an adjoining segment of wall are made from the imperial red bloodstone, porphyry. Elborg was the seat of the Agnarid High King during the Ninth Age, and the old territories of Kelinum were more properly united by the High Metropolitan there.

With the fall of the Agnarids, Elborg was subordinated to Craftsman's Reach, particularly the city of Formyndyra, which served as the new capital. Elborg was all but abandoned. This changed with the coming of the Karharts out of the Reach, in X.285. For two-hundred and twenty-six years, Elborg has been the renewed capital, and the Hall of High Kings has served as the seat of the Karhart family.

Geography of Elborg
Located at the tip of the Kjellan Peninsula, Elborg is situated between the fabled Five Hamlets, its massive imperial outwall marking it out from the idyllic countryside. It sits astride the Bay of Ells, and bears an elf-styled lighthouse designed and constructed by the sea kings of Vesimia in ages past, and commands a view of the Bay of Ahrain. Heavy pine, juniper, and oak woods surround the city's fields.

Elborg itself is low, with a single commanding hill where Elborg Castle stands. The rest of the city spreads around the base of the hill, known now as Alina's Mount, after the second queen of Kjellos. Also eminently visible is the massive Temple of the High Metropolitan, a complex built on an artificial hill of potsherds and other debris, now covered over and indistinguishable from a natural feature. The Temple and the Castle dominate the city, and are sometimes known as the Twin Hills of Elborg.

Grand Seneschal: Lendman Haka of Galter
Master of the Waters: Dirkail of the Rope
Master-at-Arms of the City: Hirdman Lai of Tornborg
Court Clerc: Ayissa of Holmgrenn
Chamberlain: Sieur Dathos of Tordest
Lord Purser of the Realm: Greveman Alfas of Gorr
Royal Doorwarden: Sieur Asmond of Arnmod
Royal Cupbearer: Doril of Holgrinn
Master of the Hunt: Sieura Misrai of Tordest
Bearer of the Spear: Sieur Alven of Valens
The High Metropolitan: The Divine Ambrose

All governance of the city takes place through the king's court; a small advisory council of merchants, primarily those from the Guild of Mercerfolk, sometimes sit to advise him, but more often the Chief Estate of Peninsular nobility aid the king in governance. The city also boasts some eighteen wizards, and a welter of temples and races from beyond Kjellos.

The Gates of Elborg
The city of Elborg possesses five major gates in its outer wall. These, clockwise from the east, are the Highgate, the Newgate, the Sherdgate, the Lowgate, and the Mongersgate.

The district known as Highwood boasts a small grove upon a low mount to give its namesake. This is a source of coppage for much of the city. Merchants, traders, and other well-to-do-peasantry make their dwellings in Highwood. Potter's Lane, which sweeps behind the Great Market just south of it, is renowned for its craftsmen of all shapes and sizes. There are dwarven smiths to be found working next to mannish chandlers and even a handful of elvish craftsmen on that long street.

The Great Market
The largest feature of Highwood is the city's central market. Larger by far than any of the provincial markets, the Great Market is attended by merchants every day; it is only closed on Hierus for temple services.

The Harbors
Stretching across the waterfront of the Bay of Ells, the Harbors are a rough and tumble district where most of the city's poor dwell. It has a large collection of boarding houses for sailors, as well as potshops, inns, and taverns. The city gallows and cages are also in the Harbors, located just offshore on a small islet facing Ropemaker's Row.

The wealthiest portion of Elborg, Castleside is where the nobility of the kingdom reside when not paying their respects at court. The manors of the powerful and the homes of the very wealthiest and most grasping of merchants can be found here. Additionally, Castleside has its own satellite temple of the Law, as well as a temple of Halor, a Forge Divine chapterhouse, and entrances to the old Royal Crypts of the Agnarids, the Tholharts, and the Karharts.

The district right around the huge edifice of the Temple of the High Metropolitan, this district is replete with a number of wizard's homes, as well as a small enclave of elves and foreigners known as the Outland Town.

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