Thursday, December 8, 2016

War Report: The Vales

X.511, Emineas, 4th of Festing

The expansion of Essad's borders continues uninterrupted. Rumor has placed a contingent of High Master Endreth's forces crossing into the Vales at the little town of Northford. Supporting him, word says, is Uldos, Commander of the West, in full panoply with some hundred Iron Guard. The war against Dorlan in the east has woken to a furious front this year, spurred on by the activities of Reynarius di Llun behind the enemy lines.

Word comes from the captured provinces that hundreds of Iron Guard have been deployed to reinforce the Essadi position south of the mountains. Local lords have been made to swear allegiance to the Exactor and implement his policies, including rounding up Dorlishmen to serve as fighting-slaves in the ever-growing armies. Solothen captives and wizard-tribute from the City of the Wyrm King keep the Magron Thur's armies fresh and prepared.

Whispers tell of a hurried meeting of all the great Vecchii of the Protectorate, a furtive council of state held somewhere in Silano, where great magics will be worked. The Tower of Mourning has been abandoned by its gaolers, and the political prisoners of the Dorlish nobility have been set free on the grounds that they fight for the Protectorate. The hope in the rest of the cowering land is that this will add tens of powerful mages to the defense of the Protectorate before the Exactor can conquer any more.

There has been no word from the mission of the Valelander diplomats under the Mage-Resident Salermo of the Petrucci. It is certain that he has dispatched messengers to Northmount Abbey to negotiate the joinder of the remaining Vales in the Protectorate. Indeed, with rumors of an Essadi army crossing into Northvale, one can only hope that his offer of aid is taken seriously so the war may be opened on another front.

In news from the south, the Milean civil war has returned to open hostilities after the conclusion of a brief treaty throughout the winter. A large goblin army has passed through the Free Baronies, which themselves have pledged to the emperor. It is suspected that the goblins will descend on the Serpent County within the next few weeks, finally cutting off rebel support near the Heartland. If the maneuver is successful, the rebellion will be contained to the littoral of Mermarche and the valley of Paix.

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