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Pantheon Monday: Brynjar the Oakenshield

(The Armorer, Oakenshield)

Lesser God, LN
Portfolio: Armor, fortifications, armorers, warriors
Aliases: Calëron, Haeron
Domain Name: Valingas, the Golden Halls
Superior: None
Allies: Eiri
Foes: Agírni
Symbol: An oak roundshield
Worshipper Alignment: LG, LN, LE, NG, NE

Brynjar (BRINN-yar) is the god of armor, order, and fortifications. He is the dwarven interpretation or aspect of the powerful mannish god, Haeron. He is known by the dwarves to be brother to Eiri and Vodulfr. Where Eiri Jorfather is the god of particularly dwarven law, Brynjar represents the dwarven conception of order.

As the most revered positions in dwarven society, Brynjar is a craftsman and worker. He is the god who embodied Eiri’s dictates in gold and stored them in the Hall of the Ancestors.

In dwarven lore, Brynjar always appears as an ancient dwarf in a smith’s garb. His long white beard is unplaited and unjewled. When he goes to war, Brynjar is depicted in full dwarven plate armor, with a face-concealing helm of the dwarven style, complete with beardplate.

The Church
Clergy: Oakenshields, smiths, warriors
Clergy’s Alignment: LN, LG
Turn Undead: Yes
Command Undead: No

The church of Brynjar is omnipresent in Iron Dwarven lands and often one of the first supplemental faiths in a Green Dwarven fortress. The temple of the Armorer is strictly hierarchical; it is governed by the Master Armorer (Aíslan) at Hilmirhol in the Arinnfal, who often sits in council with the Vísorthr, the high priest of Eiri Jorfather.

Each of the great city-temples in the Arinnfal may nominate a replacement for the Master Armorer when the previous one dies, but they always vote in a bloc for the heir that the Armorer himself has picked while alive—many of the secrets of the master smiths are passed on to the Armorer’s apprentice.

Standing below the Master Armorer are the Wardens, or Gaetta, who rule each major temple. These are chosen from the Oakenshield ranks within their constituent temples. Gaetta of the Arinnfal are known as the Aígaettrinn, the Great Wardens, and are empowered to vote on the new Master Armorer.

In each individual temple, the Gaetta is attended by a council of Journey Smiths, usually numbering ten or fifteen. These are the highest ranking priests in the temple. Each is usually placed in charge of a specific aspect of temple administration.

Below these are the rank and file of the Oakenshields. In some rare cases, Oakenshields may be detached from their mother temples in order to pursue adventure, and the interests of the dwarves, outside of their folkhall.

Dogma: The doctrine of Brynjar is twofold. One, to protect the strongholds of the dwarves, to fortify and strengthen the dwarven folkhalls, and to see the cessation of the near-constant erosion of dwarven supremacy in the mountains. The other, to preserve the ancient law, and to preserve the lives of individual dwarves.

Day-to-Day Activities:
Priests of the Oakenshield often help train the all-women militias of the Iron Dwarves, bless warriors heading out to battle, repair armor for the hall prince, and help design and replace major fortification works.

Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:
The dwarven Feast of the Wyrmslayers on the 25th of Hording. This is a pan-dwarven feast, celebrating the conquest of the dwarves over the foul dragons that have been the mortal enemy of that race.

Major Centers of Worship: Hilmirhol, the Princely City.

Affiliated Orders: None.

Priestly Vestments: Priests tend to wear well-made painted leather jerkins and carry smith’s hammers.

Adventuring Garb: Splint and plate armor are common for adventuring Oakenshields, as are oak roundshields.

Oakenshield of Brynjar
(Specialty Priest)
REQUIREMENTS: Strength 9, Wisdom 9
WEAPONS: Short sword, axe, spear, knife, dagger, hammer
MAJOR SPHERES: All, Combat, Elemental (earth), Protection, Wards, Guardian
MINOR SPHERES: Elemental (air), Healing, Law, War
MAGICAL ITEMS: The same as priests
REQ. PROFS: Weapon and Shield proficiency
BONUS PROFS: Shield specialization, engineering or armor smithing

Oakenshields are tireless fighters and are never fatigued no matter how long battle lasts. Any fatigue from long marches or long work is halved, and they can work themselves for half again the time any other dwarf would be able to work before becoming exhausted and needing rest.

At 3rd level, an Oakenshield may cast heat metal upon a hammer that he carries once per day; this spell does not injure him at all, but anyone struck by the white-hot hammer will take additional damage based on the phase of heat the spell is going through.

At 5th level, Oakenshields receive a further +1 bonus to the saves normally bolstered by dwarven constitution.

At 7th level, the Shield of Brynjar may cast stoneskin as though he were a level 7 wizard three times per week. This spell may only effect the priest.

At 10th level, as long as the Oakenshield has his shield at the ready, all hostile spells and magical attacks have a 15% chance of failing to affect him. If they do affect him, he is still allowed his save.

At 15th level, the Oakenshield is magically protected by Brynjar himself; the priest suffers only half damage from any physical attack.

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