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Disciplines of Erden: The Pelageia

The Pelageia

The Discipline of the Golden Sorcerers was founded by Pelagu of Abdjen, their sanctum (the Pelageia or the Academy) was built on the island of Nareseme and in the old Phaeric city of Naresis atop an ancient temple complex thought to house an archaic drakei necropolis. The Golden Sorcerers (also called the Great Masters in the Islands) are the supreme political power in Nariseme and the surrounding Trade Islands.

The Golden Sorcerers adhere to a seven-fold philosophy, which is said to be represented by the seven rays emerging from the sun that is their sign. This philosophy espouse that 1) All things are bound together, 2) All motion is derived from the fire of Celestial Thrones and the Sun, 3) Rareified flame comprises the soul, 4) Nothing may proceed from Nothing, 5) Like is bound to Like, 6) Breath is life, 7) The Heavens move as Man moves.

Pelageian Sorcerers open Narismene Script 70+SBx2, Folklore 4, Alchemy 3, Herblore 2, Law 2, Mathematics 3, Astrology 2, Ancient Spyran Script, Yewlish Script. The Pelageia is a level 3 chantry for the purposes of the Shek Pvar rules.

Forms of the Pelageia
Nyal’s Refusal (Dispel)
Thorostan’s Circle (Maintain)
Attune and Charge (nameless)
Cantation of Perseverance (Zyna’s Tap)
Cant of Knowledge (Feel)
Entreaty of Matter (Store)
Thorostan’s Might (Will of Kirat)
Drakeir’s Passage (Gate of Kemdal, available to all trained Disciplines)
Nyal’s Nullification (Arwyn’s Bubble)

Seal of Sefereth (IV)
            This Form protects a bounded and enclosed area from spying Arts. The Seal can protect a maximum of 5,000 cubic feet. The Seal increases the difficulty of using all Forms of transpatial reporting. MS = CSIx2, CS = CSIx4. The value of the Seal is applied against the use of any such magics. They can only be dispelled from within. A Seal drops after twenty-four hours of use unless extended by Thorostan’s Circle.

Time: 1 hour – CSI minutes
Range: See above
Duration: 24 hours.

The Amber Ray (IV)
This Form causes the Golden Sorcerer to project a searing beam of golden light from his outstretched palm. Everyone looking at the ray and standing within 3 hexes is blinded. All looking at the ray within 20 hexes are half-blinded. Purely randomly, targets have a 30% chance of looking at the ray.

Blindness lasts 10 seconds (MS) or 1 minute (CS) and then turns into half-blindness, lasting for the same period. Blinded individuals suffer a penalty of 20 to all skills. Half-blinded suffer a penalty of 10.

Time: 15-CSI seconds
Range: CSI hexes.
Duration: None.

Khôric Projection (III)
A Form that allows the sorcerer to cast his mind adrift towards a specific person or place. In this state, the sorcerer’s body is immobile and he can hear everything near his target within a 30’ radius. Everything beyond that appears vague and misty. This ghostly Form of the sorcerer is subject to any mind-affecting Art and can be detected by those using the Talent to see. In order to perform this spell, the sorcerer must have intimate knowledge of the place or person to spy upon.

Bonus Effects:
CML 50+ The caster may use this spell to see and hear any target or place that he has a physical piece of—lock of hair, fragment of brick, etc.
CML 60+ May now see and hear within a 60’ range.
CML 80+ The caster need only have seen his target once or twice.

Time: 20-CSI minutes
Range: Indefinite
Duration: CSI minutes

Ouranian Fire (IV)
This Form allows the sorcerer to throw a bolt of ethereal lightning. However, in order to unleash this Form, the sorcerer must be able to see the Celestial Thrones. This means dawn, dusk, or night. If there are clouds or the sky is obscured, there is a -10 to -40 penalty to enacting the Form.

The bolt can be fired at any target within CSI hexes. It acts as a High Velocity missile weapon with a Fire impact of:

MS: CSI+2d6
CS: CSI+4d6

The bolt will ground or discharge into any object in contact with the earth. Targets who are fully insulated cannot be struck. Partial insulation (leather shoes, etc.) reduces the damage by 1 point per die to a minimum of 1 per die.

Bonus Effects:
CML 60+ Range is extended to CSIx2 hexes.
CML 80+ The caster may attempt to use Ouranian Fire during the day with only a -20 penalty.

Time: 15-CSI seconds
Range: CSI hexes
Duration: None

Toraceme’s Blaze (Zyrgin’s Heat)
Ghostfire (Sphere of Shanakar)
Pyrassic Fire (Orb of Zatara)
Pyrassic Plague (Charachi’s Fever)
Veil of Thalass (Sea of Fire)
Grasp of the Spheres (Bolts of Dag)

Incantation of Alatus (Fiend of Hazatai)

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