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Disciplines of Erden: the Kharigenoi

The Discipline of the Owl was founded in ancient Stoneland by Spyran islanders before the very foundation of Spyra itself. Their mastery of the Gnoetic Art is focused on the manipulation of brilliance, light, and mercurial elements. Kharigenoi Sorcerers wear pins and broaches bearing the owl sigil, which is said to be related to the ancient Spyran Goddess of Knowledge, Athea.

The School of Kharigon is located in the Stoneland, where it was founded. It is a hard place to approach, surrounded by many sorcerous alarms, sharp and labyrinthine reefs, and high cliffs. The Kharigenoi train there almost as monks.

The Discipline of the Kharigenoi follows an ancient Old Dominion approach to magic, focusing on words with external meaning, the language of the spirits, and the control of change. These three principles guide all Kharigenotic Art, and the wellspring of their Forms.

Kharigenoi are known to support the imperial family and work for the dominion. Their battle-sorcerers are terrifyingly dangerous, launching great consuming orbs of light or winds of energy that can cut apart an entire regiment. Kharigenoi spies have means of gathering information remotely that other Disciplines simply do not.

Kharigenoi Sorcerers open dominion script at 70+SBx2, Folklore 5, Alchemy 1, Rhetoric 3, Oratory 3, Mathematics 4, Astrology 3. The School of Kharigon is a level 4 chantry for the purposes of Shek Pvar rules. Their convocational skill base is Talent Talent Will.

Forms of the Kharigenoi
Kharigon’s Banishing (Dispel)
Whisper of Athea (Maintain)
Speech of Athea (Tongue of Parva)
Attune and Charge (nameless)
Preparation of the Way (Jorum)
Eoc’s Ward (Talin’s Eye)
Draw the Well (Zyna’s Tap)
Eyes to See (Feel)
Horan’s Incantation (Focus)
Lamenting Wind (Well of Anasirion)
Seal of Margath (Sanctum)
Find the Way (Gate of Kemdal)
Eoc’s Cancellation (Arwyn’s Bubble)

Speech of the Owls (Aeric’s Whisper, Lyahvi I)
Thorandin’s Blast (Hlandor’s Flash II)
Kharigon’s Cants (Perfection of Sif, Savorya I)
Kharigon’s Meditations (Galra’s Enhancement, Savorya II)

Khôric Banishment (Banish the Soul) (I)
This Form allows the Sorcerer to cancel, dispel, or otherwise banish all forms of magical spying that rely on projection of sight or Khôric transmigration. When cast, anyone within 80 feet of the caster utilizing one of these scrying effects is jarred painfully back into their body, suffering CSIx2           points of fatigue if the spell is successful.

The power of the banishment is equivalent to the success roll on the Form. The caster will instantly become aware of all the Khôric projections and other scrying in the aforesaid area, but only those who were successful on a roll of less than the Banishment will be banished.

Time: 1 minute
Range: 80 feet
Duration: Instant

Khôric Mirror (III)
This Form allows the Sorcerer to listen abroad, much as a Khoric Projection might. However, the caster is not immobilized by this projection; rather, he simply closes his eyes and may spring back to himself at any moment.

Bonus Effects:
CML 50+ The caster may use this spell to hear any place he has knowledge of as though he were standing in that place.
CML 60+ The caster may now see the place he is envisioning, as though standing there. He leaves no Khôric trail.
CML 80+ The caster need only have seen his target once or twice.

Time: 10-CSI minutes
Range: Indefinite
Duration: CSIx2 minutes

Wind of Suresh (IV)

This Form causes a brilliant wind of light to surge and swoop about an enemy or an enemy formation. The light is blinding and damaging, causing hideous rending wounds where it touches flesh. The Form lasts for CSI turns, and can be used to deal damage to one target per turn.

Bonus Effects:
CML 70+ The spell now affects all targets within a 10’x10’ range. A neighboring 10’x10’ area may be chosen each minute.
CML 85+ The sorcerer can choose not to harm any targets of his choice when using the ranged version of the spell.

MS: CSI+1d8 damage.
CS: CSI+3d8 damage.

Time: CSI minutes
Range: CSI x 10 hexes

Robes of Alandar (V)
A Form which causes observers to fail to see the caster; the aforementioned Robes are powerful wards that deflect the eyes and thoughts of the viewers, making the caster essentially invisible. The success of the enchantment depends on each observer perceiving the wards rather than the truth; if one observer gives the alarm, all others resist with a +10 bonus to see if they now perceive the caster.

MS Observers test at Talent x2 or Sensitivity ML
CS Talent x1 or Sensitivity ML/2

Any action by the veiled caster that would be considered hostile or inappropriate causes the nearest observer to re-test. Using any Forms while under the Robes tears them asunder.

Bonus Effects
CML 50+ Enchantment may be laid upon a willing subject.
CML 90+ Hostile actions, including Forms, may be taken while under the Robes.

Time: 15-CSI rounds
Range: Touch
Duration: CSI minutes

Annhiron’s Orb (VI)
A Form that allows the sorcerer to create a sphere of pure white destruction. The orb forms immediately where the sorcerer points (within CSI x 10 hexes). The explosion of the sphere is ½ CSI feet. Its expansion is slow; anyone not hindered can outrun it. Its impact deals 3d6 (MS) or 6d6 (CS) damage applied to every body part of anyone caught in the range.

It destroys all other matter within its range. If anyone is slain by Annhiron’s Orb, their body is completely reduced to dust.

Bonus Effects:
CML 40+ The effect also blinds those looking at it, as Hlandor’s Flash.
CML 50+ The radius is now CSI feet.
CML 90+ No one within the radius has time to get away before taking damage.

Time: 15-CSI seconds

Range: CSI x 10 hexes

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