Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Mongtrav AD&D Chargen

This is the germ of an idea that I'm working on. I figured I might as well share it as I think about it. Playing Feudal Anarchy and Mongtrav recently has convinced me that I still really like the idea of an AD&D character generation method that is in line with the mini-game feel of Mongtrav generation.

This is not complete, sensible, or well thought out yet. But I've been staring at it for a week and I don't have any ideas on how to proceed yet.

01-70  Human (start with a 3 in every stat)
71-80  Dwarf (start with 8/3/11/3/3/3)
81-90  Elf (start with 3/6/7/8/3/8)
91-93  Half-elf (3/6/6/4/3/3)
94-95  Halfling (7/7/10/6/3/3)
96-00  Gnome (6/3/8/6/3/3)

Human Upbringing
01-60  Rural
61-80  Urban
81-00  Noble

Human Rural Upbringings
01-70  Farmer, gain +1d4 str, +1d4 con, +1 dex
71-80  Rural craftsman, gain +1 str, +1 con, +1d4 dex, +1d4 int
81-90  Cotter or laborer, gain +1d6 str, +1d4 con, +1d4 dex
91-95  Rural cleric, gain +1d6 wis, +1d4 int
96-98  Innkeep, gain +1d4 wis, +1d6 dex, +1 int
99-00  Wizard's Apprentice (skip to wizard chart), gain +1d4+2 int

Wizard's Apprentice (Master Disposition)
01-30  Kindly, gain +1d4 to all stats
31-50  Cruel, gain +1d6+2 to str, +1d4 con
51-60  Detached, gain +1d4 int, +1d4 wis
61-70  Insane, gain +2 int, +1d6 wis, +1d6 con
71-80  Sagely, gain +1d6 int, +1d6 wis, and either a Sage proficiency or another +2 int
81-90  Elf (roll on the elf master chart)
91-00  Doddering, gain +1 to all abilities, +1d4 int, +1d6 wis

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