Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PMF: Slimebodies

In the years leading up to the Thunderkiss, a spaceborne vessel was waiting just outside our solar system. It contained a number of weird creeps and nasty overlords, but its main operators were the Slimebodies. These creatures were intended to serve as a ground invasion force to get feelers down on old Earth and suss things out. You are one of these Slimebodies.

When the Great Happening (which is how the Slimebodies refer to the Thunderkiss) rocked Earth, the creeps and overbugs jetted towards it. Basking in the radioactive glow of Planet Motherfucker, the Slimebodies figured now was their hour and hurtled to the surface. Dressed in false machine-forms of friendly 50s moms and pops, the Slimebodies have long since lost touch with the Homeship. Now, they're just another one of the many freaks in the freak kingdom.

Agility d6
Smarts d4
Spirit d4
Strength d8
Vigor d8

Racial Traits
Construct - you are a gross slime that lives inside a machine-form. If a slimebody is ever dumped from its machine-form, it dies within a matter of moments.
Dehydration - you must supply your machine-form with five gallons of water so it can fill your tank. If you do not, you will dehydrate inside it.
Immunity to Disease and Poison - You don't eat, so you don't get poisoned. Your machine-form can filter out all the badstuff.
Reduction - Your spirit may never be advanced beyond a d6

Outsider (minor)
Phobia (major), fire


Climbing d4, Fighting d6, Knowledge (machines) d4, Persuasion d10, Repair d8, Shooting d4

Machine-form body, desert eagle, 50 bullets, halogen lamp

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