Thursday, September 5, 2013

PMF: Rock God

Rock God
No one knows where you guys came from. Not even you. All we know is that before the Thunderkiss, people had never seen anything like you. You're a rock star—literally. A musician who's soul is the lightning and thunder, who's heart is a battery filled with caged power. When you will it, that power springs forth and dazzles, astonishes, and shreds (people, guitars, whatever). You are a living rock god.

Agility d6
Smarts d6
Spirit d8
Strength d4
Vigor d10

Racial Traits
Electric Soul (+3 ability) - Your vigor starts as a d8 and can be raised to a d12.
Power of the Rock (+2 ability) - You are a rock and roll god; +2 charisma
Shredding (+1 ability) - Start with a d6 in rock guitar playing
Rock Lightnin' (+1 ability) - Start with a d6 in thunder conduction
Arcane (Thunder Conductor) (-2 ability) - You got the POWER
Hard to Get That Shit Tucked Away (-3 ability) - Your strength takes two advances to raise
Easy Target (-2 ability) - -1 toughness
Greedy (major) - You can't let anyone get more than you, and you definitely gotta work out the contract in your favor. You've seen too many bands ignore their frontman to let this go.
Easily Woozed (-2 ability) - -4 penalty to resist all environmental effects; you don't do well in bad places

Bad Luck - Things never seem to go your way
Power Source - You can technically be hooked up as a power source if someone pins you down and puts clamps on you. Every 10 minutes you are used this way you give out something on the order of 45 amps and must make a vigor check or be shaken and then start taking wounds.


Rock guitar playing (agility) d12, Thunder Conduction (arcane, vigor) d10, Knowledge (the Rock) d6, Stealth d4, Streetwise d6, Taunt d6

big ole guitar, amp, neat clothes, shades or gloves

The arcane skill associated with Thunder Conduction is vigor.
Power Points 10
Spells: Bolt (lightning), Light(ning), Burst (of lightning)

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