Thursday, August 22, 2013

PMF: Freaked-out Fungoid Fantasist

So, Frank (Keir's player) is going to be running Planet Motherfucker soon. He's given me the leeway to design my own archetype, so I have browsed the net, discovered THIS GUY, and created a class.

Freaked Out Fungoid Fantasist
Of the Fungoid people, only very few ever leave their little claves out in the Murican Southwest. Those that do often don colorful clothes and the buttons of their elders and set off towards the horizon. These Fantasists (as they are called) tap into a powerful source of magic: mind-altering drugs. You are a shambling, shaggy man (or woman) of fungal heritage with brilliant patchwork clothing and a penchant to ramble incoherently. Oh yeah, and you can do magic by eating, smoking, snorting, or otherwise injecting shit into yourself. You tell everyone else that it's because of, like, Astral Spirits, man, but no one really knows what the fuck is going on.

Agility d6
Smarts d4
Spirit d12
Strength d4
Vigor d8

Racial Traits
(+3 ability) High Attribute, Spirit
(+2 ability) +10 power points for Magic
(+1 ability) immunity to HUMAN diseases
(-3 ability) smarts can never be advanced beyond d6 (permanent burnout syndrome)
(-3 ability) two points per step or two advances to raise smarts

Racial Hinderances
Big Mouth (via constant mumbling of all things, including secrets)
Habit (minor) like, you know, mumbling and stumbling and grumbling all the time, mannn
Hard of Hearing (minor) not because, like, you don't hear well but because sometimes the mundane world is just so, really, you know, hard to pay attention to
Dryed Out (major) this is the Elderly hinderance, but it only comes into play in dry, arid areas where you don't have like, enough water, man

Racial Edges
Fast Healer

Fighting d6, Healing d4, Knowledge (drugs) d4, Persuasion d4, Stealth d4, Survival (desert) d8, Tracking d4, Magic: Arcane Drug Use d8

Staff (Str+d6), Backpack, Blanket, Flask, Lighter, Quilted Colorful Clothes, Tall Patchwork Top-hat, Fungus Food (a bunch)

All Fungoids use Spirit instead of Smarts
Power Points: 20
Powers: Armor, Burrow, Entangle


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    1. Thanks! There are a couple more I'm gonna be putting up in the next few days. Excited to give the PMF wheel a spin, for sure.