Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kazoo Day 1

Things I learned today:

The romans served a form of dish commonly (to amuse the viewer) that was a statue of Priapus with a lap formed of apples and pears which, when touched, would shoot purple saffron. Yesssss!

I might be designing a humoral system for the optional character creation charts in the boxed set. Maybe just for humans? Probably just for them. I'm not sure. Starsigns will also probably be a thing, but that's a Warhammer Fantasy response, not a Kazoo response.

Dave Crane gave me some great ideas about ruins when discussing the Roman landscape in Anglo-Saxon England and how they avoided inhabiting Roman structures—partly from the inability to build in stone, partly from a cultural resistance to building in stone.

I learned about the possibility that the Great Heathen Army was forging coins when they wintered in Torksney which is awesome.

There were a bunch of papers on foods that we saw which were awesome—two sessions worth. I learned that El Gallo Blanco has the best chorizo I've ever had bar none, even in Mexico, and that Dutch Girl Donuts (which we actually got yesterday and carried with us) are fucking amazing.

I learned that a self-professed genius (Alexis of The Tao of D&D) doesn't understand literature and thinks he can easily boil down all books into "things about the real world" (which therefore can be good) and "things about everything else" (which therefore, by definition, cannot be) as well as his love of ugly Strunk and White language. His quotidian approach to literature leads me to believe that he is, in fact, not a genius but simply autistic.

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