Friday, May 10, 2013

A Potential Humoral System

I'm just throwing this out there before I head over to the conference for the day. I'm not sure I want to just give humans MORE bonuses (beyond being able to reach any level in any class) but then again, obtaining a predominant humor does carry some risks with it.

Note: This chart is for humans only

Do you have a predominant humor?
01-75; balanced
76-100; predominant humor

Predominant Humor Chart
Note: if your character has a predominant humor, they are much more susceptible to other imbalancing effects: poisons, sicknesses, etc. They have a permanent -1 penalty to saving throws vs. poison and any save related to disease (magical or mundane).

01-25; sanguine courageous, hopeful, amorous
+1 reaction bonus, +1 loyalty base, +1 to saves vs. fear

26-50; choleric easily angered, bad tempered
-1 loyalty base, +1 damage with melee weapons

51-75; melancholic despondent, sleepless, irritable
needs only 6 hours of sleep to be fully rested, -1 reaction bonus

76-00; phlegmatic calm, unemotional
+1 to saves vs. emotional manipulation and charm spells


  1. Replies
    1. I want to add a bunch of little flavor charts like this. Not necessarily even things that give a lot of rules changes, necessarily. Hopefully I'll be able to present a united, optional, character creation system that replaces a lot of background stuff with rolls much as Warhammer Fantasy 2e, Hârn, and Traveller do.