Sunday, February 3, 2013

Arunian News: Dorls Prepare for War

DORLS PREPARE FOR WAR. The rumor mills of Silano insist that the attacks made in the Dales over the past autumn will be revenged by an army of sanctioned soldiers. Reynarius di Llun in particular has been heard claiming that he will go with the deployment to advise the Archmage General Antoleo Valenda. Whether the army means to cause havoc in the March of Fear or push on to Teral is unclear. Several loud voices on the Council opposing the war say that it will not protect the new settlers moving into the Dorlish March. The half-elven houses of Tyrolin complain that Silversong will need to call for aid soon, and thus refrain from sending their forces.
THE GOBLINS OF SILVERSONG. Word has reached the imperial court that the elves of Silversong have been fighting numerous battles against a foe long thought defeated—the three great goblin tribes of their forest. Azerak goblins have reportedly blockaded several segments of the great Ring Road and taken tolls on the caravans and travelers passing through. Cracks have appeared between the two biggest factions in the forest as well: Alcosans and Tournisiel. The appearance of goblins near the city of Arvorienna, traditionally safe from such problems, has only caused the Alcosa to speak even louder against the Towerborn king.
THE ANARJENT RETURN. The Lamp Country has been graced with the ragged remains of Aulus Anarjent’s army after its march across the Lonely Lands. Scouts tell tales of goblin ambushes up in the wilderness and of a futile march to the great river hoping to find Thymrik’s main force only to discover no such army was present. If the footsore levies and tired knights are to be believed, the goblin-king’s army melted before them only to resurface behind and press them against the river in deadly combat. Though the Duke’s son, Aulus himself, survived, many knights were left dead on that field.
MAMIL AL-TYFIR PUSHES EAST. The allied forces at Mamil al-Tyfir have begun their eastward march, there being no winter weather to delay them. Gadradans, Galosians, and mercenaries have joined with the Moon Goblin forces in the far east to confront Vagrysj the Lion and his conquered cities. Battle has yet to be joined between them.
UMBRINOL GIANTS ON THE MOVE. The stone giants of Umbrinol, long known for their warlike disposition, have struck the northern Goblin Lands in force. None can say why, though the tribes appear to have been acting to take advantage of Thymrik’s distraction in doing battle with the Anarjent heir.
DRAGON RAVAGES OPRIA AND GOLNIA. The appearance of the green dragon Kezmereg after many years of quiet has threatened the Tetrachy and the Oprian Kingdom anew. Zagryzin and Thorbel have both been abandoned in the face of Kezmereg’s anger. The dwarves in the Arinnfal mutter to see one of the great Wyrms flying again, and rumor persists that the Rikonung will offer a reward to any dwarf that sees the dragon dead.

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