Thursday, August 16, 2012

GenCon, The First Day

So we arrived in Indianapolis at around 8:45 last evening. I hadn't had a WHOLE lot of sleep, what with preparing the adventure and all, so I slept until 10am this morning, missing the entire wizards panel and announcement about the future of D&D and all that jazz.

The room is ungodly hot and the air conditioning doesn't really work, so we have to stew in a roomful of hot air. We discovered a repetition on one of the pages of the Adventurer's Guide to the Imperial City, so now anything I hand to Bruce Heard or Ed Greenwood is gonna have this weird page duplicate.

Having never been to GenCon before and having failed to get up early enough to go to the Wizards panel or any of that I don't have a whole lot to report right now. That will change as the day goes on, and further reports from GenCon will come in as the day progresses.

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