Friday, May 18, 2012

Something Kreativ

Black Vulmea over at Really Bad Eggs has nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger award! I'm thrilled, truly, so I shall follow the format and answer the seven questions, give you ten factoids, and pass the award on to seven more blogs.

The Questions:

1. What's your favorite song?
This is an extremely difficult question to answer for me, as my musical tastes are quite fluid. Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa are my most important mainstays, but recently I've been listening to Mumford and Sons, particularly the sad 1930s ballad Dust Bowl Dance.

2. What's your favorite dessert?
Unfortunately this question is not about my favorite desert (the Sahara?) but my favorite dessert. I'd have to say the zabaglione at Café Dante's in New York City.

3. What do you do when you're upset?
Lots of things. Pace, take out my anger physically on inanimate objects (really upset) or yell. I also try to calm down quickly, as I hate being upset for long periods of time.

4. Which is your favorite pet?
Cats, since I was a boy.

5. Which do you prefer? Black or White?
I'm not sure! I suppose I'd say black, one of the colors of the Milean sigil.

6. What is your biggest fear?
Death, both of myself and those who I love.

7. What is your attitude?
Cynical and mean, usually. You know, grumbly.

Ten Factoids:

1. I studied medieval studies in graduate school but I've been chronically unable to get into a PhD program.

2. I wrote a so-far poorly received book set in the 10th Age.

3. I don't watch any sports, though I understand why people do. This was definitely a hindrance when I lived in Boston.

4. I hate Michael Moorcock. I don't find Elric of Melnibone interesting or well written. I love Tolkien beyond measure, as well as Dunsany and Glen Cook.

5. My favorite setting for any D&D edition ever is Planescape. I love philosophy, both of the postmodern and the classical kind.

6. I spent last year in China teaching English to children in the city of Nanchang. Playing Dungeons and Dragons was extremely hard there due to the 12 hour time difference between me and the IRC channel I run.

7. I originally made the 10th Age in highschool. Back then it was the 8th Age, and it was much more Tolkienesque and painted in terms of strict black and white rather than shades of gray.

8. I live with my in-laws right now and have absolutely no job.

9. I love to cook, and I frequently make truffle-ganache, french food, and pasta with Jocelyn. I have recently taken it into my head to cook ancient Roman food using Apicius' On Cookery as a guide.

10. I learned Photoshop long ago to make color maps for the game Myth II: Soulblighter... I've used it nonstop ever since for all manner of things.

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