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Classes in the Tai Shan Republic: Barbarian and Bard

There are many indigenous “slave race” groups that were never fully conquered and integrated into the Dragon Empire. From the swamps of the Seven Sorrows, these people are often called the “boat people” or the “river people.”
The Barbarian class represents these swamp warriors, who raid Shai Tang Republic and Red Banner troops and towns alike.
There are two types of barbarian-warrior found within these indigenous tribes, and they are represented by the paths below.

Raging Waters
For some barbarian warriors, attacking from aboard the deck of a ship is as natural as swimming or swinging an axe.

            Shrieking Leap.
            At 3rd level, you can jump twice the normal distance you otherwise would be able to in a long-jump as long as you are in a rage. The Raging Waters barbarians often use their well-developed thews to propel them onto enemy boats.

            River barbarians are also known to stand alone atop the deck of a ship and slay all and sundry, guild champion and soldier alike, that come at them, from all sides. At 6th level, whenever you rage you can also make a two melee attacks as bonus actions against two separate targets in your flanks or directly in front of you each round. When your rage ends, you suffer one level of exhaustion.
            Beginning at 11th level, if you succeed at a relentless rage check, your strength bonus is doubled for the rest of the fight.

Blazing Fire
Others among the boat people focus on the use of the best weapon there is against the craftships of Tai Shan: fire.

            At 3rd level you may whisper the secret words of fire to your weapon; tongues of flame will leap up and down it. These flames will last for one battle, but they will severely damage your weapon (it will be unusable at the end of the fight). Anyone struck by a flaming weapon takes an additional 1d4 points of damage and may catch on fire.

            Igneus Mastery.
            At 6th level, you know the secret words to keep your hands safe in fire; you can reach into, grab, touch, and manipulate burning objects, blazing coals, etc., without penalty. They deal no damage.

            Fire Ward.
            At 10th level, you have a chance of deflecting incoming bullets and fire-based magic. You may now save to take no damage from bullets (they are deflected off course), save to take half damage from large gunpowder weapons (mortars), and if you save against a fire-based magical attack, you take no damage; if you fail, you take half instead.

Musicians, writers, and propagandists under the old Empire often journeyed to An’an for training;
there, at the so-called School of the Amber Quill, they would learn some of their master’s secrets:
that is, they were taught to utilize limited applications of spellcraft from the dragon-princes
who deigned to teach there. Since the fall of the Empire, control over this training technique has
lapsed somewhat; while there are still scholars of the Amber Quill, folk techniques for
replicating the dragon’s magic have also given birth to ten thousand “chattering pens.”

Bards in Edero do not have the ability to use a musical instrument as a spellcasting focus.

Amber Quill.
Members of the Amber Quill are all trained in An’an by the remains of the School there. They
possess certain degree of hauteur, knowing they are the most elite of the writer-magicians in the

            Master Historian.
At 3rd level, Amber Quills are awarded the rank of master historian from the school. Choose
two intelligence skills to gain double your proficiency bonus on.
 Deep Lore
At 6th level, you learn two spells of your choice from any class. A spell you choose may be
from any level you could cast, if you were the appropriate class. The chosen spells count as
bard spells for you, but don’t count against the number of bard spells you know.

Mystic Defenses.
At 12th level, you are able to construct brief-lived defenses against magical attacks by using
secret words taught by the School. You may expend a bardic inspiration to add that roll to
your saving throw against any spell.

Chattering Pen.
Members of the Chattering Pen are self-taught, and are also known as hedge mages. They may serve
the powerful guild interests, the Red Banner, or any number of bandit groups, but they are known for
their cunning.

Bonus Proficiencies.
Those who never join the School of the Amber Quill gain proficiency with medium armor, shields,
and martial weapons at level 3.

All Together Now.
At 3rd level you can help your allies in combat, whether by exploiting openings or by buoying up
their spirits. Anyone that has a Bardic Inspiration Die from you can roll that die and add it to a
damage roll made by a weapon or a spell.

Iron Pen.
At 6th level, you learn to imbue a brief enchantment to your quill tips. You can hurl these quills as
darts. They have a +1 magical bonus when thrown by you. If you spend a bardic inspiration when
throwing one, it will gain a magical bonus equivalent to 1/3rd your level (maximum of +5).

Dazzling Swordplay.
At 10th level, you can make one weapon attack on a turn you have cast a spell, as a bonus action.

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