Sunday, September 10, 2017

Background Solutions: The Elves

As the Swords of Stock leave Tailimisia behind, encamped on the step of a feral, juvenile, white dragon, the question remains: what will become of the roiling civil conflict threatening to boil over in Aita Valmindene?

Since the city is a capital of the largest and oldest elvish kingdom, the chance that other powerful adventurers will be drawn into the conflict in the Swords' vacuum is quite high: let's say, something like 80%.

The composition of the city must be determined, in terms of active adventuring parties, but the highest-level and most likely replacements are the White Chalice, an all-elf part who began in the city of the white walls and have recently returned to it. The Crossed Pikes, a notoriously unpleasant party who slew one of the dragon princelings of Sylvasil for the old ruler of the elves, are also present, but have been hired by the troublemaking Prince Leofrysn.

With a simple table, we can discover how well the situation turned out in the absence of the Swords.


1-2. Very Poorly
3-4. Poorly
5-6. Stalemate
7-8. Well
9-10. Very Well

We can add a +1 bonus to the roll because of the skill and cunning of the White Chalice, but whatever is going on in Aita Valmindene will remain a secret until the rumors percolate into Stock and the Reach.

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