Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dirty Rules for Taverns

The players in the Valeguard were awarded a tavern and inn when its owner died, by decree of the local moot in Eastwick. Most of the retired NPC adventurers in the town are dead due to old age or just terrible things happening, leaving the Valeguard the chief adventurers in the region.

Here are some fast and dirty tables and rules for the running of the Oldwall Inn and Tavern.

For each month that the Oldwall is in operation, roll 1d6 or pick a result on this chart.
1-2. Terribly
3-4. Moderately
5-6. Well
7-8. VERY well

-4 if there is war or unrest in the Vales

-2 if there are bandits in the Vale
-2 if the weather is particularly bad
-1 if there is war anywhere along the Saltgate Road
+1 for every 100gp invested in the tavern for the month
+1 if the Valeguard have been particularly active this month

INCOME (based on month quality)
Income is built off of maximum potential income per month. Since the Oldwall can fit 25 guests at the merchant level (5sp/night) and 50 guests in the common room (1cp/night). This works out to 125sp and 50cp maximally each night, 3,900sp/month. We'll also say there's a maximum of 5,000cp in food and drink sold every month. Let's say it's 10,000sp/month or 1,000gp/month when operating at its best.
Below Zero. Losses of 3d100gp
Terrible. 3d10% of 1,000gp
Moderate. 2d10+30% of 1,000gp
Well. 3d10+40% of 1,000gp
Very well. 5d10+50% of 1,000gp

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