Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Valley Kingdoms: Script and Language of the Valleys

The core language ("Tu") was generated using Vulgar and can be found here. However, Tu has some problems linguistically, and besides which it will only serve as the common origin of the diverse dialects of the Valley Kingdoms. Now you know where all those bizarre names came from.

The languages descended from Tu are written using the Vakazi script, pictured below. Vakazi is said to have been invented by King Amolun the Scholar with the aid of his court priests, Biyad and Brethi. For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as the triune script or the Amolum script.

This text is used in all the myriad dialects of the valley, and was propagated throughout the Valley's most ancient state, the First Great Othan Kingdom of the South, by the servants of King Amolun. It was preserved by the Priests of Yasivan and has been used throughout the centuries since. It is a particular point of pride of the Vakisrithi, as King Amolun's court was located in what is now the territory of Vakisrith, though the plain on which it stood lost access to its water some five hundred years ago, and the Othan capital is now a haunted ruin, peopled only by semi-nomadic peoples.

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