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Character Journals: Einar Hallrson

Einar Hallrson, was born some sixteen years ago to a large farming family on the banks of the Icewater River near the border between Craftsman’s Reach and the Untamed Regions. Working as freeholders to provide the Tyreth Castle and the town of Stock with a steady supply of meats and tubers, the Hallrson family did everything they could to live frugally, setting aside a small amount of savings each season.  When the Hallrson family finally did indulge in minor luxuries, it drew the envy and attention of the ungoverned men who lived beyond the river.

Early one morning, while Einar and his older brother Kinaan were working in one of the fields, smoke rose from their homestead. Before them they found their possessions, home, and family- burning. A raiding party of bandits carried off anything of value, while Einar and Kinaan fled to Tyreth Castle and then shortly after, Stock.

For months the brothers begged for food, money, or work all the while living in filth and straddling the edge of starvation. The shock of this awful event changed Kinaan more dramatically than Einar. Over time, Kinaan became bent on finding his way to the capital in Kjellos. There they would look for relatives of the Hallrson family. Kinaan believed that in Kjellos they would find that their relatives, not only existed, but surely were wealthy merchants who would take them in to their lavish life without hesitation or question. Einar believed Kinaan had gone mad. 

One busy market day, Einar waited on the steps of the Temple of Law in Stock for Kinaan to return from attempting to sell what little they could find. Kinaan never returned, and Einar stayed on the steps for three days watching the street.  As the sun set, an Acolyte of Haeron brought Einar within the temple, and provided him with food, shelter, clothing, and his first chance to bathe in many months. There Einar received the teachings of Haeron and pledged himself to service of the god of forge and law.  

Now armed with the doctrines of law and order, and the desire to see his justice be done, Einar sets forth as a paladin adventurer in Haeron’s golden company.

Einar Hallrson- 1st of Greening X.511
The unmitigated failure of my first mission from the order has left me rattled still. As it stands, I am not certain of how I will rescue those still enslaved in the depths of the Stockmine or return the mine to the Silver Mining Guild from Orc control.  But I gave my word that I would complete this task, and my word is my bond. I must find new, more righteous, adventurers to aid me if I am to succeed.
It has been nearly four weeks since the poisoned body of my once companion was found on the streets of Stock outside the temple of the Winter Queen. In my mind I cannot help but imagine Alfred’s final moments, limply being dragged, looted, and left to succumb to his wounds in the dirt. I wish I had been there, to help him in return for him having helped me so many times before.

If the town folk’s rumors are true, it seems as though my party member was involved in some minor nefarious endeavor to defraud our local trickster of some trinkets. Was it worth it Alfred? Despite his attempted crimes, he did not deserve to die like that. To worsen the matter, our rather flighty wizard Eldarian still has yet to return from her most recent disappearance. Part of me hopes that she turns up sometime in the indeterminate future at the bottom of a bottle surrounded by a pack of nearly wild animals. I feel as though I am once more waiting for someone who is long gone.  Reliable people are hard to find in these trying times. Though dwelling on that thought now, I’m sure Lucan feels the same.

News has reached me that the men at arms Stallir Andrus had gathered at my request were dispatched to deal with this awful business in the lowlands with the knolls. I can’t help but feel responsible for whatever fate befell them. It is best to attempt to manage only one crisis at a time however, and there are more pressing concerns.

 I am no longer brought to anger at the thought of being used to take arrows and blades by those who only sought to steal and deceive, as anger has never served me well in the past. I hold on to the notion that despite being aligned with such adventurers, I stayed true to my mission and purpose. This failure is a cheap lesson.  Even now, I am far from my lowest point. There are still those trapped beneath the mines that suffer every day because of my inability to complete my mission. My suffering is nothing in comparison to the horrors they certainly endure.  I will find a way to free them, even if it means I must do it myself.  

18th of Sowing X.511
Against all odds the Stockmines are cleared thanks in large part to the group of adventures I met by chance in Stock. Most of the orcs that once held the mines are dead, while many fled out in to the hills after seeing Thimble’s magic decimate their ranks. Likely half of those that fled were killed at the hands of the other surviving orcs. The guild hall now can reclaim its land and revive the flow of silver through the town of Stock.

15 lives saved, but 10 lost. The dwarf, elf, and eight humans that perished lost their lives because I was incapable of completing my task almost a month ago. When I am able, I will seek out their families to pay them some form of reparations for my failings. In addition to the citizens of the greater region of Stock and Tyreth Castle, we found the bodies of nearly 20 orc slaves. I wonder if Haeron’s justice is owed to them as well?

This group of adventurers- Fenris in particular- have surprised me. He stood out and engaged the Bone Biter alone while I retreated into a doorway. He has shown far more honor and courage than expected based off the rumors the old wives told me back in Stock. For all of his summersaulting quirks he has proven himself someone I would be happy to align myself with. Still, I must not forget the lesson that Alfred had taught me; trust must not be easily given. Now that these adventurers have been paid and our contract completed, I imagine they will have little interest in risking their lives to help the realm unless they are paid handsomely for it.

For now, my attention turns to Tyreth Castle, my second home. News has reached me that the order there is in dire need of support after attempting to stand against the knolls on the low plains. I wonder if the knolls encamped in the old elven wind temple have anything to do with the attacks on the low plains. It may be worth taking a long way around and doing some more investigation at the temple. Certainly, traveling over the low plains to get to Tyreth Castle is out of the question. I will ask Lucan what news he has heard from the castle.

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