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Locations of Interest in Craftsmans Reach: Effningas

Size: 1,200 dwarves
Ruler: Prince Alred Effning

South of the Wood of Broken Pillars and the Tailimisiä Princedoms (in elvish, Daleädau) there stands a great lake that divides the Untamed Lands from the more well-settled Kjellan region of Craftsman's Reach known as the Aelfwater. On the northern shores of this lake, beyond the Icewater River, stands the dwarven fortress of Effningas.

It was settled during the Bleeding Plague of the IXth Age when the control of Tailimisiä withdrew and a general chaos ruled in the Greatwood. Green dwarves, besieged along the shores of the Untamed Lands by elf reavers, pirates, trolls, and all other manner of ills, fled southward under the leadership of the adventurer Jarri Effnirson.

Serving as mercenaries in various elvish wars, the Great Green Company of Jarri Effnirson eventually settled atop a hill overlooking the Aelfwater lake. There, they began the task of founding a new colony-fortress, and took on the name of their founder.

Clan Effning has been at Effningas for 700 years, several generations of dwarves, and seen five princes in their time. They are loosely allied with the Kjellans of Craftsman's Reach though their relationship with the Greatwood has diminished precipitously since the time of the Bleeding Plague and the Great Green Company.

Jarri's Hill is crowned by the modern Effning fortress, a redoubt of considerable size cut from the local granite and built with Tailimisiän wood. It's highest ramparts are cut in the shape of the ancestral Effning founders, each peering out from the crenels. When it is time to revere new ancestors, new towers are raised, thus causing the fortress to expand. The Effning fortress also sits atop the vast clan-tomb of the Effnings.

Surrounding Jarri's Hill is the Effning town, all hemmed in by a pikewall, complete with a stone gate. The outtown, comprising the Effning farms and holdings, is patrolled by the militia under the command of Burghaeff Thora, an ancient dwarven woman who has fought in several major battles. The banners of the Great Green Company still adorn the pikewalls and the fortress, displaying the golden setting sun against the green field.

Effningas has three major temples: one to Eiri the Earthfather, which stands before Jarri's Keep, one to Helga the Stonemother, located amongst the stone houses of the clan warriors, and one dedicated to Soeri and Skaldi, built into the stone walls of the Effning gatehouse.

Strangers and foreigners are oft welcome here, and the Effning Clan still works as a company-for-hire in the local wars and battles of the Untamed Lands. It's major import is iron, and its major exports include weaponcraft (Effning weapons are well-thought-of throughout the Reach and the Untamed Lands) and timberwork.

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