Monday, March 28, 2016

So, I make notes wrong now

I've just started a brace of in-person games. It has been somewhere on the order of 10 years since the last time I managed to have a regular in-person game. It turns out, I'm pretty rusty. The notes that I've taken over the past few years (ten?) have all been geared toward playing online. There are certain things that you need to do when you're playing online that you don't need to do in person—and vice versa. Even more so in person than online.

Here are things that I found I wanted in the middle of the game:

  • A list of common names for various races in the area
  • Personalities that could be encountered in the town of Stock
  • Fast NPC generators
  • More tables of every kind
  • More notes on Stock and the people living in it—I have these notes, but I kept them digitally, which is a terrible reference place
  • Less notes on powerful political figures (I didn't need them) and a lot more notes on minor players in the town
  • Prices for the Red Hart
  • A general price guide, in fact, as to how to modify PHB prices for the region
  • Numismatics (names for coins in the region, which I kept having to look up)
  • More adventure hooks
  • A LOT more unique encounters that were anything other than adventure hooks: stuff that would lend flavor to the setting
  • Descriptions of places and things -- my notes were too vague as to what everything looked like, because I normally have the long period while people are typing to decide the little details
  • Notes on NPC appearances. I've been making them up on the spot for so long (because I can always scroll up on IRC and reference them, then write them down later) that I am no longer good at keeping good notes about them

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