Thursday, March 31, 2016

And remember, citizens!

Here is a list of sign-offs that The Computer might say at the end of any given message or interaction with the players. So here are some things The Computer might say that would slowly become uncanny and unnerving:

1. A credit saved is a credit earned!
2. Every day-cycle is a new chance!
3. Industry pays debts, while despair increases them!
4. One today is worth two tomorrows!
5. A pill a day keeps the doctor away!
6. Paperwork is the mother of progress!
7. The Computer is your friend!
8. The cameras are watching! The cameras will keep you safe.
9. The speedy RED is the pride of all ULTRAVIOLETS!
10. Internal Security is there to help!
11. When life gets you down, visit a PharmaLux Pharmatherapy and Euthanasia Booth!
12. Never trust a communist!
13. Out with the bad and in with the good!
14. It takes a good eye to see the good in the world!
15. Alpha Complex thanks you!
16. Research and Development are doing their best for you and all of the Complex!
17. Beware traitors from Beta Complex!
18. Only you can hunt out treason!
19. The Complex depends on you!
20. Hot Fun is the Fun you eat hot!
21. Cold Fun is the Fun you eat cold!
22. Your Team Leader is in charge!
23. Good hygiene is the key to victory against the traitors!

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