Friday, November 20, 2015

Frostgrave Friday: New Bases, new resources

I'm still working on the next Robart of Hazelby story, never fear! However, we've been playing Frostgrave... a LOT. So here are some new bases and new resources that the group and I have home brewed. I believe today is also the day that Thaw of the Lich Lord comes out, so we may be pre-empted by the expansion on some of these base mechanics, but that's the risk that you take. Thanks to Tux and Alt for coming up with some of these.

Frozen Caverns. These deep caves are filled with supplies from warbands long dead. There is plenty here to keep your band full and draw more men on. All hires cost 10gc less. Between games, roll 1d20. On a 20, you attract a new thug to your warband. If you already have a thug in your warband, you attract a thief. If you already have a thief, you attract a treasure hunter. If you have no more room, you must expel someone to take advantage of this new follower.

Scriptorium. These rooms were once used by the scribes of Felstad to write out magical spells. The supplies are still here... For every human member of your warband, scrolls and grimoires now cost 10gc less.

Alchemist's Workshop. This vast rambling structure was once home to a powerful wizard and alchemist in Felstad's heyday. Piles of broken glass and smashed pottery litter every room, and even after centuries there are new things to be discovered. After each game the warband may roll one die. On a 17-19 they find one random potion. On a 20 they find three.

Infirmary. This building still has supplies from from the cities' glory days. Warband members get +1 to their survival rolls as the others use the ancient medications on them. If the wizard is incapacitated, the player can instead choose to give him +3 to his roll only, forgoing the bonus to the rest of the warband. 

Planar Portal. This ruin was once home to a strange and powerful portal, the use of which is no longer clear. Though the degraded magics of the modern age cannot give the portal new life, the remnants of its power still suffuse the stone. Any summon spells cast by your warband have a +1 bonus. Any elemental spells cast by your warband have a +1 bonus. After each game, roll a die. If it is an 18-20, the portal sparks to life and belches forth toxic magical energy. A warband member of the player's choice is incapacitated and must make a survival check.

Assassin's Lair. This secretive enclave is home to a guild of assassins that uses the danger of the ruins to protect it from the vengeance of local law. Before a game you may pay 500gc to put out a contract on any member of an opposing warband other than the wizard or apprentice. You may pay 1000gc to place a contract on an opposing wizard or apprentice. If you do, roll a die. On a 18-20, that member of the warband may not participate while they recover from the injury of the assassin's attack.

Bandit Camp. These bandits know everything about the ruins. They know where the treasure is, and where folk go, and the fastest routes to get there. When rolling to deploy, gain a +2 bonus. When rolling the first turn's initiative in each match, gain a +4 bonus. However, between games you must pay the bandits 50gc or be kicked out of their camp.

Ancient Armory. While most of the equipment here has gone to rust or rot, a few samples of exceptional craftsmanship survive. Before the game, choose one member of your warband. This member gains +1 Fight or Armor for the next battle. 

Deep Mine. This old silver mine has been drilled by some magical force straight into the depths of a mountain. There are still chambers and chambers of silver ingots hidden behind stout doors. Gain 100gc between every game. However, the trek to the surface is a difficult one. You always deploy last.

Iron Tomb. At the height of the city's power, hundreds of vampiric creatures were bound up and sealed in iron tombs. These were never meant to be opened... but the seeping ice has melted away from their doors. Many are long since opened, leaving you with dire prognostications... but occasionally there are vampires in their depths. You may add one vampire to your warband for 600gc or you may attempt to add one by casting control undead. However, if you fail to do so, the vampire attacks your warband and kills (permanently) a character of your choice.

Lordly Hall. This vast mansion has space enough for more than your meager warband. Its ancient feasting halls and secluded bowers provide you with the feel of an ancient Felstad lord or Councilman. Your warband may now contain up to 20 models; however, you still may not bring more than 10 models with you to any given game.

Healing Well. This hidden well shaft opens onto an aquifer of water imbued with healing properties. Unfortunately, local monsters also know of the secrets of the well. +1 bonus to all survival checks made by your warband. Start each game with 1 free healing potion. However, between each game, roll a die. If it's 18-20, then the next match begins with a random encounter placed 10" away from your warband.

Renovation: 1200gc. Pick another base type. Add its advantages to your base. (E.g., build an inn on your vault or open the sealed vault beneath your inn).

Well-stocked Larders: 500gc. All members of your warband have +1 health. It costs 200gc between every game in order to keep your larders well-stocked. If you fail to pay this cost, they become empty larders, which give a -1 will penalty to every member of your warband. They can be refilled to well-stocked larders for 150gc.

Peddler's Post: 350gc. Maintaining this post for merchants and peddlers ensures they will travel to your doorstep. All items cost 5gc less.

Planetary Orrery: 400gc. This complex magical device mimics the retrograde motions of the planets and was assembled from various parts around Felstad. Your spellcasters gain a +1 bonus to awareness and combat awareness spells.

Scribe's Desk: 500gc. This expensive workman's desk allows for the drafting of scrolls. Whenever a spellcaster successfully uses write scroll for the first time between games, you may cast it a second time.

Faniman's Quill: 800gc. This powerful magical device duplicates the writings of a wizard. Whenever a spellcaster successfully uses a write grimoire spell, he creates two grimoires instead of one. They must both be of the same spell.

The Limper's Statue: 600gc. The first time a wizard dies, he may be interred and play as a Large Construct. His movement is reduced to 4 and may not be improved. He gains +4 Armor and +2 Health. 

Cauldron of Life and Death: 400gc. If a member of your warband fails a survival check and dies, you may choose to immerse him in the cauldron of life and death. Roll a die. On a 20, he returns to life but must sit out the next two games. On any other number, he is transformed into an angry wraith. You may immediately cast control undead on him; if you fail, he slays a second member of your warband (of your choice). If you succeed, you may bring him to battle for the next game only.

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