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Non-Hârnworlds: Character Creation Charts, the isle of Wyranth

Here are some new charts for Hârnic character creation to be used with the Island of Wyranth, a very small portion of a vast new setting. If you remember back to my first Non-Hârn post, I've already detailed the Mascoliri a bit. There are five major regions of the Island of Wyranth: the Confessional Kingdom of Yewland, Forest Hallow (see the previous post), Caledon, Dunland, and Estimbar. There are also the nearby and related islands, the Seastones, and Aurrock Isle which is home to the five kingdoms of Spearmen and Skrael-descendents.

The West
The East
The Isle of Wyranth
As to the island itself, it is inhabited by a number of peoples.

The Vulganti, of northern Wyranth, claim descent from the ancient blue-haired and frost-bearded Rime Giants. They are a large folk, of broad strapping shoulders and their hair runs the gamut of golden corn to pale blue. Those with blue hair are often chosen to be seers or priests, said to be "close to the giants." Many Dunlanders are Vulganti.

There are the Caledoni (of central and western Wyranth), who tend to be taller than other Wyrithi and tend to have brown hair and eyes. All of Caledon is inhabited by various tribes of Caledoni, but they also live in Dunland and Estimbar as well as the northern reaches of Yewland.

Cueviri in Caledon claim to be a separate people that make up the royal house of Caledon as well as the ranks of the Caledoni priesthoods. They're said to be of mixed Skathi stock.

The Mascoliri of eastern Wyranth inhabit Forest Hallow.

The Wyrithi are the southernmost people of the island, who lived down in Southhold when the first Dominion forces arrived in Wyranth. They are now found throughout Yewland, mixed with Caledoni, Mascoliri, and Cueviri stock as well as Skathi-descendents (along the Skathi shingle) and a smaller number of Vulganti.

1-99. Human
00. Special

Special Species
1-70. Dwarf
71-90. Aelvinnfolk
91-99. Rime Giant
00. Dragon

Ancestral Stock
Yewland: 01-60 Wyrithi, 61-80 Cueviri, 81-90 Caledoni 91-95 Vulganti, 96-98 Mascoliri, 99-00 Spearman/Skathi/Skrael
Forest Hallow: 01-70 Mascoliri, 71-80 Caledoni, 81-90 Wyrithi, 91-95 Vulganti, 96-00 Cueviri
Dunland: 01-40 Vulganti, 41-60 Cueviri, 61-80 Caledoni, 81-90 Wyrithi, 91-95 Mascoliri, 96-00 Skraeling or Skathi
Estimbar: 01-60 Cueviri, 61-80 Wyrithi, 81-90 Caledoni, 91-95 Vulganti, 96-98 Mascoliri, 99 Skathi, 00 Skraeling
Caledon: 01-70 Caledoni, 71-80 Cueviri, 81-90 Wyrithi, 91-94 Vulganti, 95-98 Mascoliri, 99 Skraeling, 00 Skathi

*Ancestral stock obviously does not represent "race" or an unmixed genetic heritage. All the "peoples" of Wyranth (and, indeed, the entire setting) are commingled to a greater or lesser extent. This table merely exists for the purposes of determining dominant traits.

Birthdate (d12 and d30)
4th Tolmyr to 3rd Alcimyr à Strife; +1 axe, +1 club, +1 spear, +1 sword, +1 unarmed, +2 Survival, +1 weaponcraft
4th Alcimyr to 2nd Ymyr à Law; +2 alchemy, +1 cookery, +2 rhetoric, +2 law, +1 heraldry, +1 physician, +1 language, +1 script
3rd Ymyr to 3rd Urmyr à Growth; +1 animalcraft, +2 agriculture, +1 herblore
 4th Urmyr to 4th Malmyr à Terror; +2 oratory, +2 mental conflict, +1 awareness, +1 stealth, +1 dagger
 5th Malmyr to 6th Tathmyr à Might; +1 to all weapon SBs
 7th Tathmyr to 5th Molomyr à Greed; +1 oratory, +1 rhetoric, +1 alchemy, +1 astrology, +1 physician
6th Molomyr to 4th Toltyr à Fire; +1 climbing, +1 jumping, +1 stealth, +2 acting, +1 language, +1 axe
5th Toltyr to 3rd Vanamis à Shadow; +3 stealth, +2 acrobatics, +1 climbing
4th Vanamis to 2nd Ollust à Oration; +2 legerdemain, +1 acting, +3 oratory, +2 rhetoric, +1 language, +2 singing
3rd Ollust to 1st Sallun à Sky; +1 jumping, +1 dancing, +1 intiative, +2 riding
 3rd Sallun to 1st Corolt à Thunder; +1 axe, +1 club, +1 flail, +1 polearm, +1 spear, +1 sword, +2 metalcraft
2nd Corolt to 3rd Tolmyr à Anger; +1 axe, +2 mining, +1 tracking, +1 woodcraft

Social Class (divided by state/kingdom)
(Forest Hallow)  01-10 Slave, 11-99 Unguilded, 00 Noble [Tribal Occupations]
(Dunland)   01-05 Slave, 06-70 Serf, 71-98 Unguilded, 99 Guilded, 00 Noble [Viking Occupations]
(Estimbar) 01-60 Serf, 61-97 Unguilded, 98-99 Guilded, 00 Noble [Viking Occupations]
(Caledon) 01-08 Slave, 09-80 Serf, 81-93 Unguilded, 94-95 Guilded, 99-00 Noble [Feudal Occupations]
(Yewland)  01-70 Serf, 71-93 Unguilded, 94-98 Guilded, 99-00 Noble [Feudal Occupations]

A note on Guilded occupations: Guilds, as commonly referred to in the Harn books, do not exist in Wyranth. There are no overarching guilds of any occupation, but rather small and extremely local formations. Merchants' guilds may be kingdom-wide, but all other forms of craftguild exist only in the urban area where they were formed. Guilds of these types do not exist at all in pagan regions (except Estimbar). "Guilded" characters in those areas are simply lone craftsmen.

Craftguilds in the Kingdom of Yewland are known by elaborate names based in the ancient Kyrian Confession.

AURA is now TALENT. At least 16 Talent is required to be eligible for training in the Art.

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