Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Altering the Rules

This page will serve as a running list of all the rules alterations we use in the 10th Age. Anyone is free to adopt them, and in many cases they're simply optional rules from various 2e books that we've welded together.


Dwarven Defender
Dwarven Sharpshooter

Kits that have been ruled impermissible
Troubleshooter (thief)

NWP/WP Rules

Characters cannot trade NWPs for WPs. However, due to the lack of a common language and the general bilingual nature of most people in the Atva-Arunia, characters made in the setting receive a number of NWPs = to their bonus NWPs for intelligence JUST to spend on languages. More can be spent from the all-purpose slots. Only mages start knowing how to read, and that only their Language of Power.

No character, warrior or otherwise, can shift NWP slots into WP slots.

Two-Weapon Fighting - available as a prof (as per C&T) but it costs 3 slots.

Shield Mastery - only available to be learned in game, mostly taught by very old dwarves.

Mastery and Grandmastery - only available to be learned from certain dwarves and elves of extreme age and skill.

Time and Combat

We use the 15 second C&T combat round. This means we multiply the length of all spells by 4 (1 round now equals 4 C&T combat rounds when the fighting breaks out) during combat.

As I think of more, I'll add more. These will eventually be compiled into a rules supplement for FG&G.

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